10 Largest Construction Equipment in the World

10 Largest Construction Equipment in the World - Infra Bazaar

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There are several large and mammoth construction equipment which are in use worldwide, however, many us might not that these kinds of giant and powerful machines actually do exist. The below-mentioned machines are impressively sized.

1. Bagger 293 Bucket Wheel Excavator

The Bagger 293 proclaimed to be the world’s largest excavator. It also holds the record for the largest man-made land vehicle in the history of the equipment. Standing at 721 feet long and 310 feet tall, the 4-year-old German machine can move 100,000 cubic yards of dirt per day. To do this it uses 20 of its rotating buckets.

2. TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine)

“Big Bertha”, holds the title of world’s largest tunnel boring machine. It is 57 feet in diameter.  It was originally designed to build a 2-mile roadway underneath the city of Seattle, Washington. However, the broke down in the middle of the project.  It is estimated that it may take another 2-3 years to make the necessary repairs before the machine starts working again.

3. NASA Crawler-Transporter

To assist in the launching of the space shuttle, this 50-year-old crawler transporter is actually being modified that will take us to Mars. These massive 114 feet wide and 131 feet long machine weighs more than 6 million pounds. It can carry NASA rockets from one site to another at a speed of 1 mph.  One of the available two crawlers in existence has traveled 2,207 miles in its lifetime, which means it would have taken 2,207 hours cover the distance.

4. Bucyrus 2570W Walking Dragline

The Bucyrus 2570W machine weighs around 10.4 million pounds. It has a boom length of 310 feet and can dig to a depth of 140 feet. It is certainly not a speedster and moves at snail’s pace clocking 0.15 mph while moving at its top speed.  It certainly won’t be stealing any bases soon.

5. P&H 4100XPC Electric Rope Shovel

To remove large amounts of overburden and ore more efficiently Electric rope shovels are built. They are proven to be more efficient than other loaders.  This mammoth 109 ton 4100XPC, 48 feet tall machine can haul up to 82 cubic yards.

 6. CAT 6090 Hydraulic Shovel

The CAT 6090 is actually slightly bigger than the Hitachi EX8000. It has an operating weight of 1,080 tons. It is powered by a massive 4,500 horsepower engine.

7. Belaz 75710

The Belaz 75710 actually recently superseded the CAT 797F dump truck as the world’s largest dump truck. It stands at 26 feet tall and weighs around 450-ton. This haul truck is powered by two separate 65-liter engines, each with 2300 horsepower.

8. Liebherr 9800 Mining Excavator

Liebherr 9800 is very impressive. Liebherr manufactures some of the most impressive cranes. It also boasts of one of the largest bucket excavators with their R 9800.  It is another machine which is typically used for mining. The R 9800 weighs around 1,785,700 pounds. It has a bucket capacity of 62 cubic yards.  It saves a lot of time while digging out the pool in the backyard.

9. P&H L-2350 Loader

L-2350 holds the Guinness World Record for Biggest Earth Mover. It weighs around 160,000 pounds and can lift a payload of 72 tons.  The massive loader has a 2300 horsepower engine and a standard bucket of 40.52 cubic meters.

10. Komatsu D575A Dozer

Komatsu D575A Dozer is primarily used by mine operators in the US, Canada, and Australia. It is the largest bulldozer in production since its inception in 1991.  It boasts of moving 90 cubic yards per pass with a 1,150 horsepower engine.

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