5 Tips to Maintain and Extend Your Heavy Machinery

5 Tips to Maintain and Extend Your Heavy Machinery - Infra Bazaar

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Heavy Machinery is a big and one-time investment done by project managers, farmers, and miners. This is why maintaining and extending their life span is crucial as it can help them save costs, time, and efforts.

Ensuring that heavy equipment lasts for longer periods prevents unnecessary costs, breakdown, and repairs of the machine. This also helps the machine stay productive and get jobs done at a faster rate. A poorly maintained machine is unsafe, causes delay, and poor performance.

This is why we have listed the top 5 ways you can extend your equipment’s life.


Tips to Extend Life of Heavy Equipment


1.Keep everyone up-to-date with Operator training

 Poor operation by site operators can slow down, and cause issues in equipment. Although when the machine is bought first, operators undergo training regarding how to use and operate the machine, over time this can be forgotten. This is why updating operators with their training at regular intervals can help keep the staff informed and safe. This will also prevent any malfunction due to poor operation.


2. Regular Maintenance

 Ensure that the vehicle is checked, regulated and if any issues, repaired at regular intervals. Maintain Preventative maintenance scheduled at regular intervals, to inspect for any wear, tears, leaks, repairs of any parts of the components. Check for any issues in tracks, tires, electronic and fluid systems. Repairs regarding major components like the hydraulic cylinders and gears, when neglected can slow down and degenerate the vehicle.


 3. Add Lubricants whenever needed

 To extend an equipment’s life span, it is necessary to avoid or reduce friction between the parts of the machine. This can be done by adding lubricants, and this must be a part of the preventative maintenance schedule. Using the right kind of lubricant too is important. This is because certain components require a specific kind of lubricant. Check the operator’s manual or recommendations from the manufacturer to know about the right lubricant and use it liberally on the components. Check regularly for any signs of leaks, or oil/grease build-up and get the issue resolved right away.


4. Inspect for any tears or leaks

 Any wear and tears or leaks in the equipment parts may lead to the machine’s breakdown. Wearing of components produces unnecessary noises, vibration, friction, and slowing down of the equipment. Neglecting such wear and tear or leaks can potentially lead to breakdown and negatively impact the vehicle. Inspect your vehicle for such issues and get it rectified as soon as possible to avoid any further damages.


5. Keep the equipment and its surroundings clean

 To improve the life of the machine, it is important to keep the machine as well as its surroundings clean. Change the filters, inspect the seals, keep the breathers free of dust and debris, and keep the entire vehicle clean to avoid any contamination. When it comes to surroundings, store the machine in a neat and tidy place to avoid rust, or rotting.


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