7 Building Material Must for any Type of Construction

7 Building Material Must for any Type of Construction |Infra Bazaar

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7 Building material is definitely required for any type of construction. Before you plan for construction any project whether it is industrial, commercial or personal, one understand the key components that are required for construction. The key components comprise of steel, sand, cement, coarse aggregates, fine aggregates, ready-mix concrete and binding wires, bricks and blocks etc. The ideal way of choosing the right material is it should be durable and strong to last long. Also one must take into consideration the different brands, sizes,  


Cement is the most used construction material. It is the hardening and binding material that is must for every construction. They come in different grades; the most common grades are 43-grade cement, 53-grade cement, PPC cement and PSC cement. There are several well-known brands those who manufacture these grades of cement in India. Some of the popular brands of Cement in India are UltraTech, Zuari, ACC, Ramco, Dalmia, Deccan, Etc.

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TMT Steel

Thermo-Mechanical Treatment otherwise known as TMT Steel is the metallurgical process to produce high strength steel bars from low carbon steel. It gives structural strength to a construction project. TMT steel comes in different grades such as; Fe 500 grade, Fe 500 D grade and Fe 550 grade. The different grades are nothing but the strength of each steel bar. Some of the major manufacturers of Steel brands in India are Tata – Tiscon, Sail, A-one Steel, Bhuwalka,  Kamdhenu, Jindal Panther, Indua, Prime-gold, etc.

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Fine / Sand Aggregates

Sands are available in two types in India; River sand and Manufactured Sand (Also known as Robo Silicon Sand or M Sand). The sand extracted from river bed is known as River Sand and the sand manufactured artificially is known as M Sand or Robo Silicon Sand. As there is a scarcity of River sand and expensive there is a lot of push by the government to go for M Sand. It is considered more eco-friendly as it Triveni Sands, Tavara Sands, Robo Silicon Etc.

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Ready Mix Concrete

Readily available concrete is known as Ready Mix Concrete or RMC. It is usually manufactured in a factory and delivered directly at the construction site. This method is usually adopted over the on-site concrete mixing mainly because it gives a precise mixture and reduces work at the construction site. RMC is categorized into M-35, M-30, M-25, M-20 etc, based on its functionality and use.

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TMT Binding Wires

Binding wires are used to bind the TMT Steel bars. It helps in providing proper structure and stability to the construction as it firmly binds steel bars.

Coarse Aggregates

Coarse aggregates are usually used as fillers in concrete mixes. It comes in various sizes such as 40 mm, 20 mm, 12 mm and 6 mm in India. Coarse aggregates are also recognized as blue metal, crushed stone and jelly. Coarse aggregate is generally used as it acts as the main load-bearing ingredient of the concrete. The rate varies as per quality.

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Bricks and Blocks are usually used to build walls and structures. As per the requirement, they serve different purposes and come in different shapes, sizes and strength. For load-bearing walls, high strength bricks and blocks are required as they have the capacity to withstand the pressure due to the load. The rate varies depending on quality and strength.

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