7 Types of Cranes in Construction and Their Uses

7 Types of Cranes in Construction and Their Uses - Infra Bazaar

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Cranes are used in construction and are an essential piece of machinery that is used to lift and lower heavy materials. They make construction processes simpler as they save time and effort of the workforce.


They typically consist of a pulley system connected to cables and hydraulics and are extensively used in construction, shipping, and heavy equipment manufacturing industries. There are various kinds of Cranes based on their structure and the purpose they serve. Depending on these factors, we can divide cranes into different types.


In this blog, we discuss the 7 types of Cranes used and their purposes in constructions.


Types of Cranes Used


1. Telescopic Crane

Hydraulic powered, these cranes comprise of a boom and have several tubes fitted inside each other that can be lengthened and shortened. They are heavy cranes used for transport and lifting of heavy materials and are often used for maneuvering operations in shipping ports.


2. Mobile Cranes

The most basic and common type of crane, which consists of a telescopic boom that is mounted on a mobile platform. The mobile platform can be either wheeled or even railed. The boom can be lowered and adjusted by cables or hydraulics.


3. Truck Mounted Cranes

These types of cranes offer excellent mobility and are mounted on a rubber tire. Truck Mounted cranes are self-propelled machines that are used for loading and unloading heavy materials for construction and repair purposes.


4. Tower Cranes

Tower Cranes are used for the construction of tall buildings and provide the best height and lifting abilities. This type of crane is considered to be an excellent form of a balance crane. It is fixed to the ground to help lift, balance, and move heavy loads.


5. Rough Terrain Crane

These types of cranes employ the use of a single-engine to power the undercarriage and the crane. The crane is fixed on the carriage that has four rubber tires. This is so they can be used on the road.


6. Overhead Crane

Also known as Suspended Cranes, they are generally used in factories to help lift heavy loads. The trolley that is fitted to the hoist moves in one direction. This is a machine used to lift, lower, and move loads horizontally.


7. Loader Crane

This hydraulic-powered crane is fitted to a trailer and has its arm designed to carry loads and place them on the trailer. This crane can be folded and fit into small spaces and is easily transported due to its folding capability.


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