Cement wiki: how to check the quality of the cement

Cement wiki: how to check the quality of the cement

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Quality cement is an absolute must for a strong building. So it is essential that you need to check the quality of cement your builder or contractor has been using to ensure strength in construction. Though the quality of the cement is lab tested in terms of strength and other technical aspects, you also need to check the cement quality by yourselves as number of other factors such as cement’s age, packing conditions etc influence the cement quality.

The following are the few simple checks you can do on your own to check if the quality of cement is good or bad:

• Good quality cement gives you a cool feeling to your hand when you insert it in a cement bag

• The cement color should be greenish grey

• You should not see lumps, stones, sand, dust etc in the cement

• When you drop a little amount of cement in water, it should float before it sinks. Immediate sinking of cement or portions of the cement indicates impurities in it.

• Take a pinch of cement and rub it in between your thumb and index finger. Your fingers should feel smooth and if you observe any hardness due to sand or dust, you need to inspect your cement further for its quality

Even after purchasing good quality cement, there are lots of other factors that make your cement go bad. Monitor the cement usage in construction, and keep a close eye on where the cement bags are stored. Cement bags need to be stored in a dry places, arranged one on one very close together to prevent the air circulation. Be aware of sudden weather fluctuations, and make sure your cement bags are protected from possible rain outbreaks.