Make in India: Birth of an Industrial Economy

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Posted By:Infra Bazaar

We have embarked the journey of progress in many fields and certainly we are in the race of development and the newly introduced policy of “come, make in India” will do nothing but will be a catalyst for the growth of country’s infrastructure and economy. Come, make in India is a campaign which is nothing but motivation for the manufacturing industries from all over the world to invest in India and contrive the industries here. This is a notable new national program designed to revolutionize India into a global manufacturing hub. This campaign is a global advertising propel to foster India as a terminus for foreign investment. Launched in September, this is an effort to ameliorate India’s multiple socio-economic problems. Our country people are basically throng of poor and middle class who are ambitious and in grave need of job opportunities and local businesses and buoyant foreign investor consider them a herald of change and provide employment opportunities, transfer of technical know-how and of course capital and growth.

This campaign enforced many countries to show interest in flooding money in India. This policy has the power to bring revolution in industrial world but every expected thing is not possible every time. Challenges and consequences are two sides of same coin of this policy. With these kinds of policies in action, India is on the right track of growth and infrastructure development. This campaign is an initiative to increase the per capita income of 10 million people. This policy will not only upgrade the economy and export of nation but will also strengthen the country’s infrastructure. The elevation in job opportunities is also a bright side of this policy. Let’s leave economy for today and kingpin on infrastructural and industrial growth.

If the focus is to develop country’s infrastructural and industrial facet of our country then aggressive reforms should be high on agenda. The top agenda of our government is to establish export based manufacturing. Other things which are planned to treatwith urgency are infrastructure, building and urbanization of cities. We all know that it will transform our country and millions of houses will have a better living. This campaign will commence its journey by emphasizing on 25 significant sectors which are automobiles, chemicals, IT pharmaceuticals, textiles, ports, aviation, leather, tourism and hospitality, wellness, railways, auto component, design manufacturing, renewable energy, mining, bio-technology, pharmaceuticals, electronics and others. Well so many plans being in pipeline, it is very challenging to carry out this campaign successfully as it requires well-established international relation by empowering the youth and proper utilization of resources.

As we all know that planning and executing it as planned is not an easy task as nothing is free from challenges and same goes with this campaign also. The initial steps to begin with are creating healthy business environment and it can only be possible when administrative machinery is efficient. It is very important to give encouragement to high technology as it in return will attract companies to set manufacturing plants in India. For its successful inception it is very important to make vigorous and dynamic reforms and reach out to global investor asking them to come and manufacture in India. This will only be possible once the international trade relation will be strong. Well, the plans and inception are not limited to paper and pen, many companies are showing interest of investing in India. Home appliances manufacture Bosch and Siemens has already announced its first manufacturing plant in the country. Russian company kalashinikov plans to set up a plant of manufacturing of AK-47 assault rifle and weapons like machine guns are all set to fire round of production in Gujrat industry. Many other companies of different nation are keen to invest in India and take part in Modi’s campaign of ‘come, make in India’. These investments will increase the FDI as well as the standard of living by providing employment. But everything had its good as well as bad effect and it is no different in this case. So much production can have adverse on environment because of the excessive pollution caused due to the industries. It is challenge in front of us to produce without harming environment. So it is very important to deal smartly and production should be in such a way that it won’t harm the environment too much. With the country like China which is planning to invest in India and locate its plants which produces too much pollution, it will be hard for government to deal with them. But efficient and proper plans will definitely help. We should remember the fact that this campaign should not be confined to make in India but it should be make for India as well. In this way proper growth of India will begin and infrastructure growth will get direction. Well, it is difficult and challenging task but for a better infrastructure and economy we need to do it.