Solving the E-Waste Problem will be one of greatest challenges in the years to come.

2017-09-19 Posted By: Views : 118

Data from 184 countries shows that almost 48.9 million metric tons of used electrical and electronic products were produced last year — an average of 7 kg (43 pounds) for each of Earth’s 7 billion inhabitants. And the flood of e-waste is growing. Based on current trends, experts predict that by 2017, the total annual volume will rise by 33 percent to 65.4 million tons, the weight equivalent to almost 200 Empire State Buildings or 11 Great Pyramids of Giza.

By providing a better sense of anticipated e-waste quantities, companies can plan e-waste management. Although there is ample information about the negative environmental and health impacts of primitive e-waste recycling methods are available, the lack of comprehensive data has made it hard to grasp the full magnitude of the problem. Creating better awareness and policy making at the public and private levels will certainly improve the scenario.