A list of Road Equipments Using for Road construction.

A list of Road Equipment Using for Road construction |Infra Bazaar

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Road Equipment are designed as per the specifications laid down by the authorities and after incorporating years of experience. These days they have a trouble-free operation, optimum capacity utilization and enhanced fuel efficiency. There are the scrapers, dozers, loaders Excavators and much more Equipment which are also commonly used in road and highway construction.

Compaction is also a major element of all road and highway construction. Sufficient compaction of basic fill, gravels, and asphalt will ensure maximum life of the road structure. Operators must be capable of performing their work in a manner that will provide for maximum compaction.

Air track drill

A drilling machine for quarry or opencast blasting equipped with tracks and operated by independent air motors.

A chip spreader is currently used to lay down the aggregate on top of a bituminous binder. Afterwards, it is rolled by a compactor.

A cold planer is a machine which is in use for removal of asphalt concrete from roadways. It gives a somewhat rough, even surface.

Vibratory Steel Drum compactor

Vibratory roller compactor is used for the purpose of compacting soil, gravel, concrete, or asphalt in the construction of roads. It is used to compress the surface to have a smooth and even surface. They achieve the required densities faster.

Pneumatic tired roller

Pneumatic tire compactors are used for carrying out small or medium size compaction jobs, on bladed, granular base materials.

Pneumatic compactors

Pneumatic compactors are also referred to as proof rollers. They work on the soft spots which may exist in the fill. They can be used on both soil and asphalt leading to savings.

Padded Drum Compactor

Padded drum compactors are applied with a need to compact soil, gravel, concrete, or asphalt in the construction of roads. The pads are involuted without fluffing the soil and are tapered to help in having a clean unit.

A concrete plant is also known as a batch plant, combines various ingredients like sand, water, aggregate, rocks, gravel fly ash, potash, and cement to form concrete. There are two types of concrete plants: ready-mix plants and central mix plants.

Curb machine- A curb machine which uses concrete and creates a continuous curb and gutter.

A crusher reduces large rocks into smaller rocks, gravel, or rock dust. They also reduce the size and change the form of waste materials.

Impact crushers involve the use of impact rather than pressure to crush material.

Motor grader

A grader is commonly used in the construction and maintenance of dirt and gravel roads. In the construction of paved roads, they are used to prepare the base for placing the asphalt.

Oil distributor

Asphalt distributors are considered the most important piece of equipment on any asphalt surface treatment project. They have an insulated tank with a heating system, a spray bar and unique control system. It is sophisticated equipment which produces a uniform spray.

A paver is a machine used to lay asphalt on roadways. It is normally fed by a dump truck which brings hot asphalt.

A cement mixer comes with a revolving drum to mix the components combining cement, aggregate sand or gravel and water to form concrete.

Road reclaimers are specifically designed to perform several applications with great dependability. Each machine is well balanced and well constructedto meet the specifications.

Combination compactors are used for the compaction of asphalt base and have the capacity to paving on any surfaces including hills, and are created to meet all challenging compactions. it is a breakdown roller also.


It penetrates the top of the lift and breaks the natural bonds between the particles of cohesive soil and has been designed to deliver better compaction results.

Today, vibratory compactors operated in the static mode are also used for finish rolling. In addition to their own weight, some steel wheel rollers can be ballasted with either sand or water to increase their weight.

The pneumatic tire roller uses pneumatic tires to compact the underlying surface by employing a set of smooth tyres on each axle; typically four on one axle and five on the other. The tyres on the front axle are aligned with the gaps between tires on the rear axle to give best, complete and uniform compaction coverage.

Advantages of a pneumatic compactor are they provide a more uniform degree of compaction than steel wheel rollers. They provide a tighter, denser surface thus decreasing the permeability of the layer. They provide increased density that many times cannot be obtained with steel wheeled rollers.

A sander truck is used in winter to disperse sand onto icy roads.

A snowplow can be mounted on a vehicle which is used for removing snow and ice from outdoor surfaces, for meeting transportation requirements. It uses a blade to push snow to the side or straight ahead, clearing it from a surface.

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