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Posted By:Infra Bazaar has been receiving a lot of queries to write about Bamboo, but the fact of the matter is that bamboo is not suitable as a building material. While some may fancy the use of it, it's not the most pragmatic choice. Here are some reasons why you must not opt for this material.


Bamboo has stress-strain behaviour, but it is not resilient enough to withstand high pressure and tends to break down. Bamboo is not strong enough like timber to withstand the heavy forces, it tends to decay fast because it lacks the natural toxins which can help in preventing it from decay.


Bamboo is more susceptible to decay from beetles, termites, and fungi, and all through its life it needs to be protected from coming in contact with moisture as it has the tendency to rot easily. Bamboo is weak compared to steel and does not have the ability to withstand natural calamities, as it cannot withstand the force and pressure from external energy. In case of earthquakes, floods can destroy the complete structure.


One may think that concrete used during construction can hold down the bamboo structure, but it does not support and adhere to the bamboo, during climatic changes when other woods also but bamboo has a greater rate of shrinkage, it has a very short shelf life, it cannot be used when fixing the joints during the construction as it tends to get brittle and can be easily crushed, especially if the nodes are absent.


The bamboo shrinks during the drying process and if undried then it starts losing and breaking from the joints, the buyer also has to be very keen and knowledgeable during the buying process because the quality of bamboo varies, the buyer also has to bear the expenses of transportation when shipped from different countries and cities.


During the drying process, some manufactures use harmful chemicals like arsenic and formaldehyde instead of natural drying processes. It does not contain cross fibers hence cannot withstand the weight in the width portion. It splits when screws or any other material is used when trying to fix it to any surface, as a part of the building.


Bamboo has its own lustrous property due to which it cannot be painted, immature bamboo cannot withstand the construction process hence mature bamboo needs to be used and to obtain that is a huge challenge as it takes 60 to 120 years for it to be mature, and be ready to be used in reality.


Bamboo easily gets starched, they are sliced and shredded and this process requires resin-based adhesives that tend to release volatile chemicals. These chemicals are harmful in various ways to children, adults, and pets.

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