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Road Rollers are an inevitable part of the construction industry and play a key role in leveling, moving and compacting earth before starting any construction.  There are several types of road rollers customised for different sets of activities. gives you a quick nugget on some basic things to keep in mind when buying this important piece.of construction equipment - the road roller.


Smooth Wheel Roller, Pneumatic Roller, Grid Roller, Tamping Roller and Vibratory Roller are commonly used rollers. 


Mostly, the rollers are used for compaction or levelling of soil before starting any kind of construction activity. Compaction is inevitable for leveling of sand or gravels to avoid risk of soil erosion, to improve stability of soil and to reduce soil permeability. 


We need to consider a few aspects of these vehicles before buying them for commercial purposes. 


First and foremost thing to check, when buying road rollers is the drum of the vehicle. If drums are in a good condition, it would be effective in paving. It is obvious that stones and other hard objects can damage the smooth surface of the drums leading to dents. Drums must always be kept smooth for better efficacy. It is also advisable to check the thickness of drums. Damaged drums or feet are likely to lead to higher costs of repair apart from reduced efficacy of the vehicle. 


Inspection of tyres is also very crucial in assessing the strength of the vehicle. One needs to measure the tread depth of the tires with a specific tool. Cuts or cracks also need to be thoroughly checked. 


Road rollers are one of the heavy vehicles on roads. Its hydraulic system should be in a good condition for its effective functioning. Hydraulic cylinders, dents, scratches, breaks or fluid leaks must be checked properly in the hydraulic system. Similarly, proper sealing and coupling also needs to be checked. 


The cabin of the compactor should be in a good condition. All the gauges and instruments should be working properly. Lights, horns, and backup alarm should be checked. In case of a vibratory compactor, vibratory settings must be verified thoroughly.  Operate the machine to ensure these modes function adequately. 


The compactor's articulation is another area to check. You'll want to pay the most attention to the joint. Bushings and pins of the vehicle also needed to be checked. 


Besides these, the cooling system also needs to be checked. While air-cooled engines won't have as many components to maintain, they'll still need regular service. If you work in a dusty, hot climate, these engines will need to be serviced more often. In the water-cooled engines, leakage of oil and fluids also needs to be checked on a regular basis.

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