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The Building Materials Estimation and Calculator, with an advancement of technology there has been revolution in architectural space. Now a day’s people are finding intelligent and smarter ways for their house plans and designs. Earlier architects used to provide building plans on a piece of paper, which was very tough to understand for common man and imagine how a house is going to look after completion. But now with the help of technology “3D” house plans are clearly visible and understood. It gives a fair understanding as how your house would look after the construction is over.

With the help of advanced technology people can now avail various services which can help in estimating the budget of the house and spend on materials through an estimate calculator. This technology has not only bridged the gap architectural service but it has also made life easier for common man. People now are no more are hiring trainers or professional for estimation and calculation, people can calculate and estimate with following steps.

This is a simple calculation process that helps calculate the quantity of each type of material and amount that will be required to construct the house i.e. bricks, sand, cement, metal, fabrication, flooring, number of laborers required and time.

Building Materials Calculation Formulas


It will be calculated as Width x Height, divided by 27 = number of yard of concrete needed.

Foundation of Masonry Block

“8” High / “16” long /3/3 mortar normal joint height.


Calculated as Width x length, divided by 100 = number of square of shingles needed

Calculated as Width x Height, divided by 100 Square Feet = number of squares of siding needed

Calculated Width of room x length of room, divided by 9 = number of square feet needed for room.

Wood Siding
Calculated as Width of board minus distance of lapping = coverage of wood siding per board

Width of area to be sided x height of area to be sided, divided by coverage calculated above = lineal feet of siding you need.

Calculated as 7 bricks = one square feet of coverage

Width of area to be covered x height of area to be covered, divided by 7 = number of bricks needed.

Elevation Conversion
Calculated as Elevation measured in 10ths per foot. 1 of elevation = one foot or 12" equals one foot.

Normal measurement 12 inches per foot

Convert Elevation to Inches
Calculated as One Foot of Elevation measurement equals 12 inches of normal measurements.

Common Terms Used
Calculated as Board feet = (thickness (in inches) x width (in inches) x length (in inches)) divided by 12 Lineal feet = length only of board.


Please bear in mind that these are for guidance only and we cannot therefore accept any liability for the quantities given. There can also be a customized calculator that allows the parameters to be varied to suit your business needs.