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Bulldozers are very powerful heavy-tracked vehicles that come with different attachments providing flexibility to perform many tasks in different work areas. Bulldozers are frequenters. on most construction sites. These extremely heavy earthmoving machines are able to hold through very rough surfaces and tracks, helping in the distribution of the weight over large areas, therefore preventing the dozer from sinking in the muddy, sandy grounds. Infrabazaar.com discusses this potent and important machinery.


These can tow or carry heavy tanks with ease. Due to its powerful characteristics, bulldozers are used to remove debris, dust, obstacles, clear roads, clear plots and trees. Bulldozers are now even used by the military to carry out military operations.


Types of Bulldozers

There are so many different types of bulldozers available in the market, that one has to choose depending on the specifics of the task at hand. To select a bulldozer key points to consider are the type of terrain you are working on, project type etc. The right equipment is very crucial for both the efficiency and safety of your project.


Below mentioned are the main bulldozer types:

Crawler Bulldozer: It is also referred to as a track bulldozer as it looks more similar to a tractor. This heavyweight equipment is great for moving heavy materials from one place to another. This bulldozer type is ideal for traversing dense and irregular surfaces, since the tracks it has gives it great traction. Larger crawlers come with rippers that help with crushing and clearing dense irregular surfaces.
Wheel Bulldozer: It is also referred to as a tire bulldozer sometimes and it is larger than a crawler. A wheel dozer is more manoeuvrable as it has tires that offer better overall handling. These type of bulldozers also come with completely articulated hydraulic steering and moves on smaller axis. This equipment is suitable to use for soft or sensitive ground since the tires are more gentle than tracks or surfaces.

Mini Bulldozer: It is also referred to as a compact bulldozer. A mini bulldozer is great for projects requiring more manoeuvrability and versatility than heavier or larger machinery. Due to its small size, a compact bulldozer can perform well in multiple types of projects that require operations like grading and clearing snow, clearing lots etc.


Some of the Top Bulldozer Brands in India, that you may want to consider:
John Deere


Here is a list of various kinds of bulldozers with their prices in India :
LiuGong B320 Bulldozer, 320 HP - Rs 1.50 crores onwards

Crawler Dozer New Dozer, SD16 - Rs 6500000/unit

Dozer backhoe - Rs 6.95 lakh

LuiGong bulldozer - Rs 75 lakhs

JCB Backhoe loader - Rs 26 lakhs
80HP 2300rpmXT 1610 2WD Escrts White Line Backhoe Loader - Rs 23.50 lakhs

Earthmoving JCB Backhoe loader - Rs 15 lakh

Bull Backhoe Loader, 76 HP - Rs 2300000/unit

JCB 2DX Backhoe loader - Rs 1467500/unit 

JCB 3DX Backhoe loader - Rs 2568000/unit

JCB 4DX Backhoe loader - Rs 2646500/unit

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