Changing the Construction Industry: Revolution in Advertising

Changing the Construction Industy | Infra Bazaar

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An industry which has undergone a makeover is undoubtedly the construction industry. From cliché advertising highlighting the strength and power of construction material, it now looks at something with which people can connect. Something which makes people to connect to such a material in real life. The advertisers now focus on a unique quality which does not highlights the product specification but targets a feeling which builds a strong brand image and makes it popular among its target segment as well as non-target segment.

Why is this being done? Well to answer that question, think of any cement, steel, rods etc. construction materials and you won’t be able to name at least 5 brands of such products. On the contrary you will easily remember a single name which is so deeply embedded in your brain that it shadows your desire to know more. And why do you need to know more? You actually don’t, such product category is not at all a topic of discussion and not “fancy” enough to be topic of the town. This is where the advertiser got you. He has made you relate to a brand so powerfully that has eliminated any effect of competitor brands.

Now is this emotional connect bad or good? Honestly there is nothing to judge. This is pure a strategy to promote construction material and used heavy equipment which changes the traditional approach and makes it common among masses and thus gives a boost to sales and advertising team.

So is it just touching the right strings on your emotional guitar? The answer is NO, it needs much more than that. To deliver what the customer now demands is now a challenging job as he now have a emotional touch with the brand and a single wrong move will end in check mate. With an excellent advertising there is always excellent product and customer relations going hand in hand so has to make it a complete experience and not a mere transaction.

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