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There are various types of materials that are abundantly used in the construction industry in India which include concrete, steel, wood, and masonry. Each material is diverse in nature in terms of weight, strength, durability and cost. Each construction material carries its own unique property and strength. In fact, it is the call of architects and builders as to what kind of material is to be used in a particular construction. brings to you a few popular choices.


The conventional construction materials are not only high in price but are not so desirable in terms of quality and strength. Of late, the construction industry in India has adopted new methods and non-conventional style of building.

                Having to incur huge investments in construction of houses, builders and individuals are opting for cheap construction materials these days. Anyone having an open land or plot and are willing to construct their homes, could opt for alternative construction materials like plastic, wood and other fabricated material. Compressed wood and bricks are common in Europe and wood is extensively used in India.



In most rural areas in India, wood has been the first choice for construction of homes which are generally huts and some are semi-wood structures. Wood is available at cheaper rates in the market and easy to transport besides giving a natural strength to any structure. A simple tweak with the arrangement and installation of wood, the structures thus constructed are likely to be strong and live longer. Houses with wood are heat resistant and need less energy to make the premises cool. However, wood construction has its limitations such it results in deforestation and can be damaged easily besides being high on maintenance.



Another non conventional cheap material for construction is plastic. It is used in the form of polymers, however it makes a small percentage of the building materials in India. Advantageous in many ways, plastic comes handy in construction of aesthetic structures. Few merits of the plastic are: it can be molded into any shape, heat resistant, can withstand water damage, while being cost effective. Despite few desirable merits, plastic is relatively less in use for construction in India. However, the biggest drawback is its non-biodegradable nature.



Fly ash bricks is one of the extensively building materials used these days across India. Generally, it’s Class C or Class F fly ash, is mixed with water and it is a byproduct of coal-fired power plants. Fly ash bricks are very commonly used in India mainly in the construction of low-rise buildings.

Some categories of fly ash bricks are also made from mineral residue, glass, water, and fly ash. They are energy efficient, water-resistant and provide natural thermal insulation for a low-cost house. But, they too come with certain disadvantages, these include:

Interlocking bricks, mud bricks reinforced by natural fibres from coconut ,magnesium oxide cement, bamboo, hollow concrete blocks, clay bricks, compressed earth bricks, concrete panels, polymers, recycled composite blocks, are among several other construction materials that are used in India right now.

On the other hand, glass has also become very common in construction of houses in urban areas in India now. Such houses or structures look good, give much of the outside view and brightness brought by daylight, however, installation of glasses can incur more costs than usual.

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