Commercial Bids With Construction Bid Estimation Software

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Bidding is one of the most important stages of a construction project.


Presenting a bid is the process through which a contractor is selected to work on a construction project. It is crucial for a contractor to learn the art of bid presentation. This skill is the variable between success and debt.


Traditionally, an architect is hired by the owner to create a plan for the project. This plan is then presented to numerous contractors. These contractors present their bids using a construction bid template (or bid sheet). A construction bid template is the official document presented by contractors in order to present a bid. Most owners select their contractors purely based on whoever requests the lowest price. That being said, qualifications are an undeniable criterion in this process.


There are two common bidding methods for commercial construction projects. The first is the design-build proposal, the second is the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR method).


 1) In the DESIGN-BUILD METHOD, the architect and contractor are a team. They present a complete and comprehensive bid. This bid includes the cost of design, as well as the cost of construction. Some believe this method winds up with lesser costs than the second method and accelerates the building process.


 2) In the CMAR METHOD, the contractor is involved in the construction from the very beginning and serves as a bridge between builders and owners. Here, the builder is free to choose whichever contractor they see fit. CMARs work for a guaranteed maximum price which covers all construction charges, as well as contingent charges.



Construction projects involve tedious paperwork and exasperating organization. Fortunately, the internet proves to be a haven for increasing the ease and efficiency of a project. Online databases allow contractors to examine various construction drawings and complete a bid proposal based on them. Information is effortlessly accessible and shared swiftly among all parties involved. The internet enables owners to choose from a wide variety of contractors and easily manage their project.



Construction Bid Estimation Software is a miracle tool that allows contractors to estimate costs when. This software does so, most importantly, through automating job costing. Job costing calculates the cost of material and human resources for a given job. Typically, these software's have a template of construction costs that update frequently, provided you have a subscription. Moreover, these templates are customizable, allowing the software to reflect accurately on the contractor's needs and the locality's price fluctuations.


Given the custom definitions for jobs, these software are Godsend when it comes to estimating construction costs. It ensures that there are no unaccounted costs in the construction process, and also allows contractors to compare starting bids and initial bids. Based on this comparison, the estimator may modify the costs by using cheaper materials or lesser human resources.


This software is quite a worthwhile investment. They are usually compatible with Microsoft Excel, while some are stand-alone applications.


The numerous tools at our disposal help us break down the demanding and arduous process of construction. It is fruitful to make use of them efficiently.

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