Consider refinancing your equipment to grow your business

Consider refinancing your equipment to grow your business  - Infra Bazaar

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All businesses face challenges be it due to the tough market dynamics, the way your competition is operating and the kind of investments they are making to expand the business or the cost of investments in equipment and getting the whole infrastructure in place. The ever-changing interest rate as you seek loans on the equipment. It's imperative to have a regular yet thorough analysis of your fixed costs or variable ones. How to review where you are at and how could you make your business more profitable, is what talks about, read on…


Equipment is a huge investment and reviewing the terms with banks can be one way to secure growth. Not only do you invest in them after a very diligent process of the investments and returns on the same, but you also see if you need to buy them or loan the equipment at another facility. Third-party associations come in handy for small businesses due to the very reason of evading risk factors.


Thankfully there are multiple refinancing solutions available in the market like SEFL, Sundaram finances, HDB, HDFC, Tata Capital, Yes bank, Paisa Bazaar etc. They help you evaluate your terms of equipment credit to get the best rates for you. If the value of the equipment is more than the debt on it, you can look at reviewing the terms of lending to make it work for your business. They also can help you see if you need to seek out another player to lower the burden on the equipment with lower interest rates. 


How can refinancing benefit you:

1. Reducing the loan period - If the cash flow is getting more due to the loan initially being secured on a very short timeline, you can revisit the period to ease your stress

2. Revisit multiple debts - If you have multiple debts on various Capex investments you need to get down to a strong evaluation of where your assets are at and the kind of debts you are paying on them. This will help you streamline your cash flow 

3. Lower Interest rates -  If the current rates aren't working, you can revisit them to lower rates.

4. Review Lender bank - Lending rates vary from bank to bank and hence reviewing this to work out an appropriate lender can help 


You need to be agile and review multiple approaches to see the right fit for you to refinance. Adequate equipment review, access to major lenders, and a dedicated team to match your financing needs are at your fingertips when you seek another financing player for you. This helps you make an informed choice. And hey, Infrabaazar can be one of the mediums through which all this could become easy, right from having your vehicle assessed to reaching out to the banks.

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