Construction Material: Top 5 Reasons why Bricks are the Best!

Construction Material: Top 5 Reasons why Bricks are the Best! - Infra Bazaar

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Brick- as a construction material- has stood the test of time and proved itself to be one of the best construction materials that are both easily produced and manageable. Made from natural materials like clay and shale that are available in abundance, bricks are strong and durable materials used for buildings for the longest time.


Bricks are one of the best options for construction purposes for various reasons. Not only are they long-lasting and beautiful to look at, but they are also environmentally-friendly and sustainable choices for various construction projects.


In this blog, we have listed the top 5 reasons why Bricks are one of the best building materials for construction. Read to know more.


5 Reasons why Bricks are the best construction material


1.     Durable  

Brick has been used since ancient times and even on historic buildings. It is one of the most durable construction materials and with proper maintenance can even last up to hundreds of years. Quality bricks are extremely strong and can bear heavy loads and support big infrastructures. The aging or staining of bricks is comparatively less and requires less maintenance too, which makes this material strong as well as durable.


2.     Natural Sustainability

Often various building materials cause a huge amount of pollution to the environment. However, Bricks are naturally sustainable as they are produced in a more energy-efficient method. Brick production plants have adopted several eco-friendly alternatives to fuel and other processes to now make bricks in ‘green building material’ for construction.


3.     Beautiful-looking

Bricks offer a beautiful rustic look to a building or living spaces. They are classy, elegant and give a beautiful finish to both interiors as well as exterior spaces. With diverse bricks and different styles of arranging, and style patterns, they can be used to give an edge and stand out.


4.     Excellent Insulator

Brick homes are naturally energy efficient. Thanks to the excellent insulation properties of this material, bricks can trap heat in colder winters and also keep the house cooler during summers. This saves costs on coolers and heaters. Bricks are perfect for both freezing as well as scorching temperatures as they possess exceptional thermal mass properties that protect the exterior as well as the interior of the buildings.


5.     Minimal Wastage

Bricks require less maintenance and can be reused and recycled for various construction and other purposes. They are energy-efficient and also reduces production costs on fuel, and safe for the environment. Even when it comes to demolition, bricks produce far less wastage. Bricks can be handled safely without requiring any special equipment, and apart from this, they do not cause any contamination or chemical leaks to the soil.


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