Construction purchases, the new norm?

Construction purchases, the new norm? - Infra Bazaar

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As we all are aware construction is an ever-growing industry, and one thing we can be always sure of is the never-dying need for construction material. The e-commerce industry is definitely making the most of it, and how? As a matter of fact, online options seem to be overtaking the supplier-consumer world. Infra Bazaar takes a look at some of the reasons contributing to this rising trend…


Cost Effectiveness: 
Every time a project starts there is an estimation that is drawn out to understand the total cost of a project. The Important contributing factors are labour, duration, materials and machinery. Building materials play a crucial role in the construction and its overall cost. In most cases because of poor management or poor purchase decisions, the final cost of the project surpasses an estimated cost and that can lead to active losses if you’re a builder, and become heavy on the pocket if you’re the end consumer.


As per studies, cement plays a major role as required in concrete. On average, it contributes to 16% of the total material cost. Sand is the second most important element, primarily used in RCC, filling and flooring, this is approximately 12% of the total cost. The next big spend is the aggregates, they are used in concrete making and they add up to 8% of the entire cost.
Bricks and TMT bars, are the last but can make a significant difference to the budget, they contribute 5% and 2% respectively to the total material cost.


A consequential factor that adds to the cost of projects of any size, big or small, are the middleman. Online aggregators eliminate this unpredictable factor and create an element of transparency. The only hitch with online shopping can sometimes be, a lack of personal touch, however, they are quite a few aggregators that reach out to you to help you make the best of choices after the artificial intelligence does its initial work.


Online purchasing of construction materials or equipment is convenient as it gives more insight, it allows for research and comparisons at the click of your button. Product reviews are a big plus as it helps get a fair idea from previous users.


There are so many platforms to buy construction and building materials online in India. But which one is the best and safest website from where one can buy materials online? has established itself as one of the leading players in the market. It is an excellent and active platform, selling all types of construction materials at the best possible reasonable prices, helping you to get all needed materials & equipment in one place. As far as equipment is concerned, it can also be rented, which again can be a huge saving factor.