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Power tools have been one of those boons for the construction industry that has contributed in a big way in making work easier, saving time and in some cases increasing the efficiency. Let’s understand which are the top cordless power tools used in the construction industry. Infrabazaar discusses these tools which are an alternative to huge corded power tools, whilst being budget friendly. The world is now dominated by global battery power tools which are proving an increase in revenue growth.


CORDLESS DRILL: This power tool is very useful in various ways, they are powered by lithium-ion batteries and carry a great impact even though the drill is small, a powerful model can carry a half inch bit which is used for larger construction projects, this is a must have tool for everyone, these drills can be operated in areas where there is no power connection sockets or power backup, it can be used to drill holes, placement of screws,  the motor is based on repelling magnet poles principle, it provides a rotational force, the most powerful cordless kits are manufactured by DeWalt, Milwaukee, Bosch  and teccpo.


CHOP SAW: This is a versatile tool used to cut wood and other materials in different angles and widths, a circular blade with an abrasive surface is attached to the arm and a motor with it. There are different types of chop saws like the standard chop saw, compound chop saw, dual compound chop saw, sliding chop saw, chop saw with a laser, metal chop saw, industrial chop saw, etc. There are few safety rules to be kept in mind while using the chop saw like you should never switch on the chop saw when it is touching the surface or any material, one should use appropriate safety gears like mask, gloves, goggles, choose the appropriate blade.


ANGLE GRINDER: There are various uses of cordless angle grinder like it is used in boiler rooms, large diameter pipes and also in confined spaces, the angle grinder has different dimensions of wheel diameter like small, medium and large, the MEP workers usually prefer small dimension grinders which are used for plumbing and electrical works, the cordless grinders work efficiently when compared to corded because the battery and motor weight is on the opposite side, these have the wheel brakes which are safer to work, and the usage of cordless grinders increases productivity of the tasks.


IMPACT DRIVER: This power tool is utilised for driving through or loosening the screws, these are more efficient when compared to the traditional screwdriver, these are with shorter heads, they tighten the screws and nuts with more torque, these are hexagonal shaped which provide efficient working ability, these are highly useful for construction workers, they drive through long and hard materials as well, it has a rotational motion with hammering effect, these have higher torques, fits in tight spaces,  self-driving screws, easy on your wrist, do not strip off easily, check the power, speed, battery life, motor, size and comfort level before purchasing one.

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