Different Building Materials and Its Uses

Different Building Materials and Its Uses - Infra Bazaar

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When it comes to construction, there are a variety of building materials used. They vary in their strength, weight, durability, material, and cost in many ways and have their own significance in the construction process.

The selection of building material highly depends on various factors such as the type of infrastructure, the stress applied to the building, cost-effectiveness, and more. Although many basic construction materials remain the same, some are added or removed from the list based on the size and type of building being made.

It is noteworthy to mention that building materials are divided into two categories: Natural and Man-made. While Natural construction materials can be anything like wood, sand or stone, Man-made construction materials consist of Cement, steel, brick, etc.

In this blog, we are about to discuss some of the most important and basic building materials and their significance in construction. They include:

·         Cement

·         Aggregate

·         Sand

·         Bricks

·         Electrical

·         Plumbing

·         Paint



Used as a binding substance, Cement is used in construction to bind materials and acts as adhesive. It is a fine powder that when mixed with water and set, hardens due to hydration. Cement is usually mixed with other substances to produce mortar.


This material is mixed with cement, water. And other substances form concrete. Common substances that are used as aggregates are crushed stone, sand or gravel. They provide volume, stability and resistance to the finished product.


Sand is a naturally mined construction material, that is mixed with other substances to make concrete, mortars and fillings for floor and basements. Based on its size and fineness, sands can be used for varied construction purposes.


One of the best building materials used for all kinds of construction purposes, Bricks are durable and energy efficient. They are beautiful as well as an environment-friendly, low maintenance, and sustainable construction material.


The electrical wiring system is responsible for carrying electric current and supplying electricity to buildings. The materials used for these wires must be good conductors of electricity like copper, aluminium, silver etc.


They are systems of pipes that carry potable water and remove wastes from a building or a group of buildings. The materials used for plumbing must be non-corrosive, durable and strong. The common materials used are steel, iron, brass, copper etc.


Paints are a way to beautify and add texture as well as protect buildings. They should be non-corrosive, water-resistant and durable in nature. Based on the application and its uses, paints are classified into different types.

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