Drill away in the best way!

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You can't imagine making holes or cutting into the woodwork without a drilling machine. This is an important power tool for any builder or even a homeowner. Infrabazaar takes a quick look at some of the popular kinds and what budget brackets they fit in!


The fundamental process in drilling includes rotating the drill a bit while pressing against the material. With the use of the different drill bits, many tasks can be accomplished. 


Types and Applications:


Drill or Rotary Drill:  It is a machine used most often in the field of construction, for hole-making tasks. The rotary drilling rig has the advantages of fast speed construction, good quality hole, eco-friendly, flexible and convenient operation, and high safety performance. It is the main hole-forming equipment in construction.


Some popular finds in this category:
Rotary Drilling Rig SR205-C10
KL511 High Drilling Efficiency
KG420 Crawler Hydraulic Rock Drill
Prices - Highly variable 


Impact Drill: Impact drills have multiple applications. It is similar to the usual handheld electric drill, with an additional gear which helps them move in and out of the material. Impact drills can be used to drill brick walls, concrete walls etc and also can be doubled as normal rotary drills.


Bosch GSB 180-LI 18V Cordless Impact Drill - Costing Rs 15,000
Hi-Max 0-2900rpm Impact Drill, IC-083, 650W - Costing Rs 1,161
Bosch 450W Professional Impact Drill, GSB 450 RE - Ranging from Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000 
Makita TD0101 - 6.35 mm, 230 W Impact Driver  - Starting from Rs 5,000 onwards


SDS Hammer Drill/Rotary Hammer: Also called Combi Hammer. Comes with a hammering feature. Mainly used by construction professionals and in fabrication. These drills have a Special Direct System enabling keyless fixing of drill bits in the machine. These come with 2 or 3 modes having multiple applications like breaking or drilling of Masonry, Concrete, RCC or High-strength surfaces. 


Bosch GBH 220 720 W 22 mm Hammer Drill - Starts at Rs 6,000 
Bosch GSH 500 1100 watts 5 kg Demolition Hammer - Rs 15,000 & above
Bosch GBM 350 350 W Rotary Drill - Costs Rs 2,000 to 2,500


Core Drilling Machine: Has the ability of drilling on different materials like concrete, rocks, bituminous surfaces, etc


Pavement Core Drilling Machine - Starts at Rs 95,000 
Diamond Core Drill Machine - Costs Rs 1,50,000
B & J Steel Calex Core Drilling Machine, Automatic Grade - Costs Rs 2,25,000 
Manual SA-250/250E Core Drill Machine - Costs Rs 2,600 per unit


Drill Driver: Similar to rotary drills with additional control clutch. Used for screwing in wood and metal surfaces, also for other regular drill tasks.


Bosch 06019G81F2 GSB-120 - Li Cordless Drill Driver, Double - Prices ranging between 8,00 - 12,00
Xtra Power 10mm 750rpm Screwdriver Drill Machine, XPT429 - Can go up to 2000
Bench Drills: Vertical Conventional drill machines mounted on benches. These come with a belt drive and a standard chuck. It is used for heavy-duty drilling on metals, wood etc. Capable of drilling holes of around 12.5mm in steel.


Panchal 25 X 230mm Pillar Bench Type Drilling Machine 25 PLR - Costs between Rs 70,000 - Rs 80,000
Panchal 13mm Pillar Bench Type Drilling Machine 13 PSR -Costs between Rs 35,000 - Rs 40,000


The above-mentioned is a compilation of some of the most preferable drilling options.