Effective measures to increase the execution capacity in Infrastructure Projects

Effective measures to increase the execution capacity in Infrastructure Projects |Infra Bazaar

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The infrastructure projects are always huge and there is always a need to have the best measures for their effective implementation. Here a few steps are being enumerated to ensure that there is an increase in the execution capacity in them. All infrastructure projects help in global trade; they power businesses and connect workers to their jobs in a big way. They are the platforms to create new opportunities for communities. These steps are significant and the sooner they are taken the better result they will deliver.  

The Staff has to be more productive and skilled right from the first stage of the project. There must be a plan to acquire and train skilled persons.

There needs to be a sound and efficient investment in information and communication technology, transportation, public utilities, economic diversification, tourism sector.

There must be measures to enhance resilience to natural disasters.

A specific and charted course must be in place to have responsible public-private partnerships.

Not only are the projects physical but they have a social purpose also, they increase GDP. Due importance needs to be given to them at every stage.

There is a need for the private players to be legal and ethical in their approach. An atmosphere of answerability will go a long way in ensuring transparency.

There should be clarity in the policy and certainty in decision making.

Better information also plays a vital role in this sphere. It makes the plans, approvals and implementation easier.

Proper assessment in the execution of the projects also needs to be done.

There must be a proper forecasting mechanism and the variations from them must be looked into and addressed along the way.

Overcoming the shortage of staff is important too.

There must be a right mix of planning, monitoring, and control which can make a great difference in completing a project on time, within the budget, and with promising results. 

The procurement processes that guide them and the plans, finances, and management techniques need a fresh look because of the impact they create.

There is no place for outdated laws, unsupportive regulatory frameworks, poor standardization, poor coordination, when all-round progress is the goal.

There must be a thrust on having best practices in all domains of activities.

The impediments that slow down the progress in whatever shape and size they come must be removed and a new vision must find a place in all the projects.

Details matter much and all the details need to be handy when execution is being made.

Thus with these measures, it is likely that better progress can be achieved. The need of the hour is to gear up and execute well.

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