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Foundations and constructions cannot be imagined without the use of sand. This is a simple yet versatile element that is used to make concrete, mortar, plaster, and even under floors. Infrabazaar discusses this critical element, which when mixed with other materials gives you the best of desired results.


Most commonly used types of sand:


Coarse Sand: This is one of the most used types in India, as it can be mixed with water, cement etc to form large structures of concrete. Ideal for bedding pipes, septic systems, slabs and sidewalks.
Price Range: Rs 1200 - 1500 per ton


Concrete Sand: This type of sand is made of crushed concrete, asphalt and cement. It is crushed and filtered to remove unwanted big rocks. It is commonly used in the construction of footpaths and levelling the bases before the building construction starts to give rigidity.
Price Range: Rs 700 per ton


Fill Sand: As the name suggests this type of sand, this sand is mostly used as fillers. It's a combination of sand and other aggregates that is used in soft paving and filling big gaps or holes. It comes with a big advantage for the constructions in wet areas as it can solve drainage problems making itself an unconquerable base material option.
Price Range: Rs 700/kg to Rs 800/kg


Pit Sand: This one has superior binding properties as compared to other types making it a better option. This great property of binding is because of the absence of salts and their inert nature. It is coarse sand found naturally, 3-4 meters underground. Using this type of sand in construction adds strength and tenacity.
Price Range: Starts at Rs 1650 per ton 


Fine Sand: This type is usually free-flowing fine sand which makes walls smoother, giving them an ethereal look while making them stronger from the core. Popularly used in plastering walls as it offers a splendid finish to a house. It's basically made of fine rock grains that have been run down and have gone through abrasion.
Price Range: Highly Variable.


Natural Sand: This white-grey river sand comes with its own kind of fine quality, found near river banks. It stipulates very little water. It can be used for RCC or plastering. 
Prices Range: Rs 900 to 2000 per ton, highly variable depending on its origin


Utility Sand: It is made from industrial quartz, and this kind is one of the highest grades, in terms of quality & robustness. Because of its uniform shape, it can give good compaction. It is non-reactive and has natural minerals that provide solidity. It's used in corrosive environments as it is inert in nature. 
Price Range: Rs 3500 to Rs 7000 per ton


NOTE: The price of sand varies widely depending on the location, the type of sand and its demand in that region. The preferred type is always local sand to maintain the economy. As far as possible builders opt for local sand to save expenses on transportation of sand as it has a bigger role in the total cost of sand. Always check the price fixed by the government.
The above-mentioned rates are as of August 2022.

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