Equipment Maintenance and its Challenges

Equipment Maintenance and its Challenges |Infra Bazaar

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Equipment maintenance is a wide term used to describe various processes that are employed to keep equipment in proper working order. The plan behind maintenance program is to ensure the items are in compliance with any safety regulations which may apply, as well as remain capable of producing the preferred production. Maintenance process is an ongoing process which includes business settings, including plants, manufacturing and administrative offices.

All the steps used in any equipment maintenance process may vary depending on the type of equipment involved. In few cases the schedule of maintenance is simple or may require nothing more than cyclic checks of removable of components or filters coupled with comprehensive checks of equipment or major components at septic points throughout the year. In some cases the equipment maintenance process may require daily inspection in certain components which are indentifying issues before they have serious impact on productivity.

While doing the equipment maintenance one should check and cover all potential issues, qualified professionals employed by the business take steps to solve issues that could cause the machinery damage or fail completely, in few situations some issues are very complex, the company may involve outside support in resolving the potential problems. In many businesses equipment used in manufacturing plants maintain a team of professionals who are always available to assist their clients with complex issues, repairs and they usually exchange for some type of service fee.

Types of Equipment Maintenance

1. Corrective maintenance: The task is majorly set to correct the defects that are found in different equipment and are communicated to the maintenance department by users of the same equipment.

2. Preventive Maintenance: The equipment is inspected even if it has not given any symptoms of having a problem. The mission is to maintain a level of certain service on equipment, programming the interventions of their vulnerabilities in the most opportune time.

3. Predictive Maintenance: It is indicative in nature and full of assumptions. It predicts the nature of problems that may be appearing on the equipment. This maintenance is the most technical and it requires advanced technical resources and at times strong mathematical, physical and / or technical knowledge is also required.

4. Zero Hours Maintenance (Overhaul):  This review is based on leaving the equipment to zero hours of operation, that is, as if the equipment were new. These reviews will replace or repair all items subject to wear. The aim is to ensure, with high probability, a good working time fixed in advance.

5. Periodic maintenance (Time Based Maintenance TBM): The basic maintenance of equipment is scheduled time to time. It consists of a series of elementary tasks like data collections, visual inspections, cleaning, lubrication, retightening screws, etc.