Freeze the Heat: Building Cooling Solutions

How to Build a Construction with Auto Cooling Technology |Infra Bazaar

Posted By:Infra Bazaar

With mercury soaring with every passing hour, it has converged to a single point where all we do is blaming this phenomenon on pollution and its effect on global warming. As we know some of us are not equipped with cool and comfortable air conditioned rooms, it becomes a major problem to create an ambiance which is comfortable for workers/labour to work without losing focus from his/her task.

While in the west and Europe, the temperature remains below zero for most of the year, this is not of immediate concern, while in south Asia where high temperatures are breaking records frequently, it becomes a matter of grave concern. In India, where the government is trying to make the country a manufacturing hub with policies like make in India, start up India etc., we will soon witness setup of large manufacturing units where workers will have to work in intense temperature for long hours. As human body is not meant for such high temperature it can lead to many heath issues which can be harmful to human workforce.

The best solution is the cooling ducts and air conditioning solutions which may not be cost friendly. Thus what can be done to prevent the heat from a thousand suns? The solution is really simple and must be used during advent of a building. The use of construction material which doesn’t absorb heat and making the building heat resistive is a good idea. The building materials are engineered such that they don’t absorb any heat or light and keeps the building cool and unaffected by outside heat and rising temperature. Some of these materials that can be used are mineral wool,EPS,mica,cellulose,etc. these material will make the building cool and thus keep the temperature cool inside which will increase the life of equipment and productivity of workers.