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If you are a sci-fi fan you would have already started day dreaming about how the future will be like. For others join me in the journey which will be a more realistic one. For a developing country like India where some parts of the country still lacks basic needs like electricity and infrastructure, the future isn’t as shiny as what you imagined. So join us in a journey which will leave you open to possibilities and surprise you with where we are heading and what you get if you contribute to these future dreams.

First thing first, No flying cars, it may shatter some dream but well we do have airplanes so that might not be so disheartening. So what awaits you in the future is a world with best infrastructure. We are talking about sky scrapers, bridges, roads and railways, constructions and structure that will blow your mind, environmental friendly buildings, and Smart cities, all of these with real time data transfer and connected to our smart devices updating us even if little fluctuation happens from ideal state. We are talking about real time traffic control, weather update, light intensity control, safety and security, water level, time of arrival and departure, all controlled and managed by every individual connected to the hub. Aero bridges connecting cities and big towers across the city, high speed  tunnel roads, high speed elevators and Sega ways , under water buildings and earthquake prone structures, wireless power transmission and LiFi, these are still a distant reality but we are working towards all of it.

So how to reach there is now an answered question. A better plan hand in hand with technology and construction equipment and material will turn the tables and give us an advantage to fit our self in the future growth trends and the future scenario. To start now is to win later, believing in this simple quote it’s time we start paying more attention to materials and equipment we use so when the time comes we are prepared for all of it.


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