Future Infrastructure Projects in India

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At present the pace of infrastructure is fast but in the future there are going to be great developments in many areas. There will be 31,000 miles of rail tracks in China, 165 million urban dwellers in India, and a need of 4400 GW additional Electricity around the world. Like today there is likely to be a huge gap between the aspiration and funding of infrastructure.

These are going to be the newest trends and it is good to see them from the perspective of today.

  • Firstly the Financial crisis is challenging the governments to move away from investing in social and economic infrastructure. This is aggravated with Government debts which are rising everywhere. There is a thriving Private sector which can invest but has reservations.
  • There is a need for using technology and improve project efficiency. Investing in sufficient infrastructure facilitates social and economic development.
  • There should be no gap between construction planning and performance. There is a greater need for having connectivity between operators.
  • Evaluating potential project on a new model and system
  • Supporting overall economic growth through finest execution of projects
  • Building new business hubs wherever feasible
  • Ensuring better quality of life to the people through better infrastructure
  • Smaller, social-infrastructure projects are feasible as crowd funded projects. They democratize the infrastructure investment opportunity, and hold potential for a new era of localism, where the communities take more active roles in infrastructure of the future.
  • Planning and funding for tomorrow’s projects is a great challenge but good use of technology has great potential to be a driver for success. It needs to be embraced strategically, and its power to solve the issues should be harnessed properly.
  • Growth happens when the materials efficiency works and there is lot of momentum for implementation.
  • An important principle is that there must be a Unifying concept that can align all aspects of people, planet, and profit strategies.
  • The performers need to show innovation in approach and execution. Infrastructure operators need to address the weaknesses and work through the challenges to turn them into opportunities.
  • Unity among the operators is required owing to the existing issues of commodity price fluctuations, strengthening shared materials hubs, and having realistic program schedules along with collaboration on skilled resources, especially for critical plant and equipment.
  •  All the strategies put to use need to be refreshed. There must be a mission to share best practice and collaborate across programs and projects, sharing resource strategies for sustainable infrastructure delivery.
  • Moreover the real resource constraints  hitting infrastructure operators and investors should be addressed properly.

With these trends considered the future of infrastructure looks bright and can answer the needs and demands effectively.

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