Futuristic Innovations of Volvo CE to Drive Sustainability and Change

Futuristic Innovations of Volvo CE to Drive Sustainability and Change, Infra Bazaar

Posted By:Infra Bazaar

Volvo CE the Swedish construction equipment manufacturing giant showcased futuristic concepts and innovations at its Xploration Forum in Eskilstuna, Sweden. The machines ranged from autonomous machines to electro-mobility. Few of the highlights were the concept HX1 autonomous, load carrier, battery-electric, and the LX1 prototype electric hybrid wheel loader.

At the Forum, members of the international press, hundreds of customers, government representatives and academicians were given an exclusive look. They showcased a host of ground-breaking technology that has the potential to transform the construction equipment industry.

Below are the highlights of the exhibition:

  • LX1 prototype hybrid wheel loader – It is a machine with the potential to improve fuel efficiency by up to 50%.
  • A prototype of autonomous wheel loader was demonstrated and articulated hauler working together.
  • An electric site solution was showcased as the new concept HX1 autonomous. It is a battery-electric, load carrier. The electric site project aims to transform the quarry and aggregates industry by reducing carbon emissions by up to 95%.

Most of the innovations that were shown at the Xploration Forum are a part of the ongoing research projects. These are not yet in commercial use and available.

 “In line with the Volvo Group’s vision to be the most desired and successful transport solution provider in the world, Volvo CE is committed to contributing to sustainable development,” commented Martin Weissburg, Member of the Volvo Group Executive Board and President of Volvo CE, at the international press conference held during the Xploration Forum. “At Volvo CE, we are developing technologies connected to electromobility, intelligent machines and total site solutions that will benefit our customers and the environment by contributing to increased machine performance, productivity, efficiency, safety and sustainability. Our future products and services will play an important part in building a sustainable society.

Weissburg explained, “We’ve set ourselves four key technology challenges that we call Triple Zero and 10x: zero emissions, zero accidents, zero unplanned stops and 10x higher efficiency. We believe that our clear focus on electromobility, intelligent machines and total site solutions will help us achieve these ambitious goals and pave the way for a sustainable construction industry.”

  • Zero emissions: Zero emission machines will help make customers’ businesses more environmentally sustainable.
  • Zero accidents: With pioneering safety innovations, machines could instinctively avoid accidents – generating a completely safe working environment.
  • Zero unplanned stops: A world without machine breakdowns, where machines predict and plan their own maintenance – making unplanned stops a thing of the past.
  • 10x higher efficiency: The electrification of construction equipment and site optimization will dramatically reduce energy consumption.

The innovations shown at the Xploration Forum were presented under the umbrella of ‘Volvo Concept Lab’ – a new Volvo Group initiative. From now on, Volvo-branded companies will showcase their research and development projects under this technology communication platform. “At the Volvo Group we want to show our customers, journalists, government representatives and members of the public the exciting projects we’re working on,” said Weissburg. “Volvo Concept Lab will showcase ideas, innovations and collaborations that could potentially lead to future products and solutions – exactly like those Volvo CE presented at the Xploration Forum.”

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