Global Demand for Construction Aggregates

Global Demand for Construction Aggregates |Infra Bazaar

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Rise in demand by 5.2% yearly through 2017: The Global sales market for construction aggregates is said to expand more than 5.2% i.e., 53 billion tons by 2017. The recent drastic declines in the market of aggregates from 2007 to 2012 are expected to rebound sharply in North America with 4.3%, Eastern Europe with 3.7% and Western Europe with 3.0% annual growth. However North America and Eastern Europe will record the faster growth comparative to Western Europe, as these regions are aimed and more focused at commercial, residential, industrial and public work construction activities which will rebound the additionally generating aggregates demand.

Aggregates Demand & Scope: The considerable amount of pent-up demand in the markets can result some countries like Spain, Russia, Asia and Italy to perform particularly well. Whereas at the other side countries like Japan, Canada, US, Western Europe, South Korea and Australia are expected not be as strong as in most industrializing areas due to their well-developed infrastructures and the construction methods utilized, which tend to feature less concrete.

Consumption growth demand for aggregates in Asia: The consumption of aggregates may rapidly increase in India due to the huge construction activity held up. But in case of china, they individually registered half of all new aggregates demand worldwide during the 2007-2012 period due to which the demand for aggregates for the upcoming years may not be as expected. Therefore the demand in the market may be recorded with 5.7% annual growth when compared to other countries but the overall demand rate from Asia will be less with 3.4%.

Crushed stone with best growth opportunities: This segment is expected to account for one-half of all new product demand generated between 2012 and 2017. Crushed stone will continue to benefit from its numerous performance features, such as durability and strength.

They are also projected to gain a larger share of the aggregates market due to the depletion of sand and gravel reserves in many countries around the world including China, India, Japan, and Norway.

Summary: The aggregates demand is said to expand more than 5.2% i.e., 53 billion tons by 2017 after the drastic decline in the aggregates market during 2007 to 2012 in countries like North America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, etc.., The highest annual growth of 5.7% may be recorded from Asia for 2012-2017 period but with a big difference of 3.4% when compared to 2007-2012 period.

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