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Anyone who belongs to the world of construction knows that grinders and vibrators are an essential mechanism used in everyday construction. It is used to  smoothen the process of grinding, mixing and using concrete and other such materials during the course of time. Infrabazaar gives a lowdown of things one must be mindful of when using this very important tool


GRINDERS: These are handheld power tools that are used to fabricate a variety of metals with the power of electricity. These can be battery operated or used with a cord as well.


TYPES OF GRINDERS: Grinders come in different shapes and sizes like the peripheral disc or wheel faced grinders. The concrete grinder, angle grinder, bench grinder, belt grinder, wet grinder, dry grinder, floor grinder are also among the other types of grinders that are used.


CONCRETE GRINDER: This type of grinder is used for leveling the concrete surface to provide a smooth finish. It consists of rotating and abrasive heads with either diamond or bond particles. The diamond grinders have different sizes, shapes and strengths of diamonds based on the grit numbers. There are two different types of concrete grinders-handheld and walk behind grinders. Handheld grinders are used in polishing corners and tight areas and walk behind grinders cover larger areas.

Many top brands like Bosch, Black and Decker, Hitachi, DeWalt manufacture these types of grinders.


USES OF GRINDERS: Grinders can help remove the strong and stubborn tile glue from anywhere. It is a less expensive method when compared to other polishing or removal methods as they help polish the uneven concrete surfaces making them more presentable and aesthetic.


MAINTENANCE: The tools of these grinders need to be kept clean and tidy so that the work is done effortlessly. The power cables must be checked on a regular basis to avoid accidents due to the wear and tear of cords apart from the screws and bolts.

Also before the purchase features to check out for are the disc size, speed ratings, dust proof rating, power source, hand guard, safety tools used during the process.


VIBRATORS: These tools are used for concrete compaction and used to remove trapped air and water.


TYPES OF VIBRATORS: Some of the most commonly used vibrators are immersion/needle vibrators, external/shutter vibrators, surface vibrators, concrete vibrators etc.


USES OF VIBRATORS: They are used mainly in the construction of roads, railways and buildings. These vibrators remove the excess air and water from the freshly poured concrete which helps in setting the concrete firmly. If the vibrators are not used it leads to air bubbles and uneven settling of the concrete which results in a honeycomb sort of structure in the concrete leaving air voids.


MAINTENANCE: Some of the key aspects in the maintenance of vibrators are to regularly check on oil levels, condition of the wear parts, condition of the springs, condition of bolt joints, unusual bearing noise and overheating. All these need to be monitored apart from the stroke level, length and angle.


VALIDATE BEFORE PURCHASING: Lastly we must ensure we do some research and understand the power source, vibration speed, power rating, portability and easy to work design, flexible and easy to adjust shaft,  long battery life, easy to use controls etc before we invest in machines like these. Purchases made from renowned brands like  Seeutek, DeWalt, Makita, Beam Nova help guarantee quality and functionality of the product.

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