How IT Automation will help out Construction Equipment Industry

How IT Automation will help out Construction Equipment Industry |Infra Bazaar

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 How  Construction Equipments can answer the needs of automation today

Today IT is seen as an effective tool which helps companies to perform efficient and effective work. The issue is significant in the Construction Equipment Industry. There is a growing need for effective use of IT infrastructure, and overcome the Maintenance inadequacies concerning IT implementations.

IT automation help the growing Construction Equipment Industry to perform better and meet the expectations of the clients. Robotic technology has the power to enhance the safe operating environment. Investment in automation and robotic technology helps to gain a fair advantage over the competition. There is a huge demand for technology to facilitate efficiency and better profits across job sites.

The challenges faced by the Construction Equipment Industry arise from an unstructured working environment, which faces unpredictable and uncontrollable elements. There is a great need for innovation in this sphere owing to handling heavy objects, low levels of equipment standardization and vital safety issues.

Several industries today have opted for it but the Construction Equipment Industry has lagged behind in terms of technological adoption. There is a great need to go for it and adapt it to deliver cheaper, quality and better results, for the benefit of the industry, as well as the client. This is a win-win situation for both.

  1. In Earthmoving Equipment there are several applications like providing tipping accountability for tippers in terms of a number of tipping for Excavators and Pavers.
  2. Data for the usage of a particular tipper on a specific date and time can be obtained and assessed in Real-time over a mobile by SMS.
  3. Ready Mix Concrete
  4. Ready-mix Concrete Vehicles can be IT-enabled for engine fuel usage. Through this Data for the usage if individual engines separately for a specific date and time can be obtained and assessed.
  5. In Diesel Generator Maintenance automation provides generator’s running hour, electricity hours, generator hours, amount of fuel in the generator, and fuel consumption.
  6. In Stone Crushers data like Crusher’s hours in terms of crusher ON time, Working minutes with load, working minutes without load, Crusher idle minutes will be provided.
  7. n Mining Logistic solution the accountability of unpredictable vehicles in terms of total trips, consumed times, stop details will be provided.
  8. In the Fleet Management System reports like distance travelled, Ignition status, Engine status, Speed band status, fuel report, Summarized report, Activity Report, Area wise distance, Working hours report which helps reduce fuel thefts and vehicle theft, You can monitor the vehicles on Google maps.

Heavy Construction Equipment by nature is expensive to manufacture and to purchase. Therefore, all the available resources at its disposal need to be used in an effective and efficient manner. Here the automation plays a big role and there is a great necessity to go for it in all the spheres.

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