How to Buy Used Tandem Vibratory Roller in India

How to Buy Used Tandem Vibratory Roller in India |Infra Bazaar

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Tandem vibratory roller (or a road roller) is a construction related heavy machine used mainly in making roads and parking lots. Tandem vibratory roller is fitted with two large and heavy drum like steel structures fitted onto a chassis, driven by an engine.

Most tandem rollers today use diesel as fuel, however there are some small and compact vibratory rollers that use gasoline as fuel. In the olden days, the road rollers are driven by steam engines, which is why the rollers are still being called by the name ‘steamrollers’ even for today.

Tandem vibratory rollers have a vibratory unit onboard, which lacks in the ordinary heavy weight road rollers. The vibratory unit helps in setting up the asphalt, and compacting the road-top. The machine needs a highly skilled operator, without which the road thickness will be uneven or may have spots or bumps.

The vibratory rollers are equipped with a threaded bung to add water, which increases their weight further. Rollers are equipped with a water sprinkling system that prevents the asphalt from sticking to the roller drums.

Should you buy used tandem vibratory roller or new?

This is no hard decision to make! While in most cases it is ideal to buy used tandem rollers, sometimes buying a new one will have an advantage based on your long term needs. Buying a used roller always means less investment, and more flexibility in terms of capital and cash reserves. Heavy equipment such as vibratory rollers sees more flow in the used market than the new.

Consider three things while deciding between buying a new or used tandem vibratory roller

  • How long will you use the roller and at what frequency
  • Total cost of renting vs. total cost of buying a used equipment vs. total cost for buying a new roller in accordance to your project length/goal
  • Yours or your company’s current financial position

Where to buy used tandem vibratory roller in India?

Buying a used tandem roller in India can be a difficult and time consuming job. You may have to do some travel to check, inspect and have a feel of the machines, as they may not be readily available to buy near your hometowns.

There is an unorganized broker/mediator network in heavy construction equipment segment that you will come across, when you to plan to buy. Like in every field, relying on the individual brokers may prove bad for you in terms of cost or product quality. Online classifieds are a good way to source sale leads, but you never know how authentic the classified ads are.

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