HR and Mobile Apps

Posted By:InfraBazaar

A paradigm shift - Payroll management, people management, and talent management software may seem like old-school, but in fact is not. Like so many sectors, HR technology is undergoing its own modernization effort and becoming more cloud- and mobile-savvy.

In the past, vendors had software that IT would implement through IIS with an SQL back end in many cases. Today, although on-premise deployment software remains available, most providers have gone fully cloud-based or at least offer an online portal structure. An increasing number of vendors are now offering mobile access to their tools.
Today clearly the focus is on a delivery mechanism that offers off-premise delivery (which cloud infrastructure providers provide) with a mobile connection point.

Today there are lots of Mobile Apps available on tracking Performance, Productivity and Revenue including managing workforce. A SaaS product today can manage payroll, project and work tracking, and tracking of important employee personal events, such as birthdays and anniversaries. Administrators, executives, and employees can access the system through mobile devices to get updates on business productivity, analytics, time-off requests, and bonus-plan assignments.

From a mobile perspective, there are lot of interesting apps currently available that can handle payroll, tax, benefits, and workforce and talent management and associated analytics and self-service capabilities. What really matters is how polished and smooth the mobile App is that can be accessed across multiple platforms.

Some interesting apps are also available to check the health of an employee and drive them to undergo a wellness program, weight management etc. An app that can induce or drive aerobics during work could also help. Customizing nutrition and fitness plans on demand, and let employees join teams (company, division, deparment) or stand alone as an individual in following the chosen program. Admins can track the teams, challenges, and so on.

Now a Mobile App is underway which will take the complete HR industry off its feet. An App which will not only find the best match to an open position but also can track the geo location of the candidate along with his social media status with his images and vice versa, a job seeker can connect with a perspective employer and check its Social Media status and updates. Also there would be options to integrate and manage e-mail campaigns in the App.

It will be interesting to see how times are changing, both on the move to cloud delivery and the notion of mobile access, both of which demand access on the go, 24/7, while reducing the burden on IT to make it all work.

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