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Introduction: Infrastructure is an indicator of development, and progress of any place and area, and Hyderabad can proudly claim to be a leading and progressive metropolis in the country.

Demographic dividend

There is a great need of economic reforms to profit on the demographic dividend in the form of a young population. The pace of urbanization is great here, and it comes with attendant challenges. An immediate Upgrading is now a prerequisite in all the spheres, in order to have economic progress which will do justice to the stature of Hyderabad. It will go a long way to reduce social inequity and bridges the rural-urban divide. The quality of life of citizens has changed owing to unchecked migration, from rural areas. It is only putting further strain on the infrastructure here. Here is a chain of the challenges which confront it, and the remedies for this, have to be searched by one and all, to make it an ideal place to live in the country.  


Attracting investments

The challenge is to attract investments because without proper investments the existing structure will crumble


Creating jobs

  • Creating jobs, as there are several youths from within the state as well as from several areas who are lured by the magic of this historic city,
  • Promoting a healthier and environment-friendly mode of travel in the city for the people to reach their job destinations,


Roads and traffic

  • Converting the Bad roads into one which everyone is proud of,
  • In the rainy season, rains get the roads in bad shape, and hence there must be a set up to take care of this vital issue. The construction and maintenance of Stormwater drains is of utmost importance
  • Developing the I-T Corridor, because IT is the attraction of this place and serves a major section of the population,
  • Getting footpaths in place, because they also have a role to play in giving prominence to growth-oriented and safe life
  • Overburdened transport systems, De-clustering the roads and avoiding traffic jams,


New facilities and other issues

  • Modernizing and accelerating the process of urbanization,
  • Having good brand new facilities, apart from the existing ones,
  • Reaching the present Urbanization goals,
  • Addressing the Pollution issues,
  • Looking into the Lack of proper sewage collection and treatment,
  • Improvement of condition in Slums and solving open defecation,
  • Water and power shortages,
  • Eradicating Unplanned constructions,
  • Making it ideally livable and productive,



  • Better cohesion between the various agencies responsible for urban development and planning,
  • Robust healthcare systems, with skilled manpower to look after the varying needs of the growing population without causing any strain,
  • Effective, responsive and strong governance with a focus on meeting the needs of all sections of the society,
  • Optimum use of Technology which can go a long way in creating a smart, safe and sustainable city,
  • A good information and grievance redressal mechanism,
  • Improvement of the administrative process,
  • Providing citizens access to quality healthcare, education, sanitation and governance,



  • Preparing a vision document with a fine development strategy,
  • Effective participation in Swachh Bharat Mission,
  • Coming up with smart, sustainable and long-term solutions,
  • Creating thriving and self-sufficient urban spaces,
  • Boosting the growth and expansion of world-class companies that are established here
  • Making it a role model for others

Finally, converting it into a sophisticated city to be proud of.

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