ICEHOTEL 365: World's First Ice Themed Hotel Opens in Sweden

World's First Ice Themed Hotel Opens in Sweden |Infra Bazaar

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Looking for a cool holiday? Are you an adventure lover or an art lover? Look no further; located at 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, world’s first Icehotel has opened to welcome guests from around the world. This ice experience can be felt round the year as the temperatures are maintained through cooled by solar panels during the summer months too.

Spread around vast 2,100 square meter area, built with 55 rooms including 20 suites and an ice bar Ice hotel 365 is truly an artistic delight. The hotel houses some fine artistry crafted out of snow and ice. Several tons of ice has been harvested from Torne River to create certain parts of Ice hotel and around 30,000 liters of water from the river has been transformed into snow. Built on the riverbank, Ice hotel 365 has some savoring delicious food offered to guests and guests can sleep in Art and Deluxe Suites made up of ice and snow. There are other recreation activities like deep river diving, ice sculpting, northern lights safari, dog sledge transport, skiing, ice fishing etc.

As few sections of the hotel will continuously melt, means it would call for new designs and artistry work as well. Hence, there will be a continuous requirement of designers and artists to rebuilt new designs and structures. From nine different countries, more than 40 artists, designers and architects have worked on the hotel.

To attract tourists from round the globe, this year the hotel is planning more art than ever. It will be fascinating to see post summer again how the design changes of the Ice hotel 365. Anyone worried about freezing during the nights a hot element is placed near the bed. Be a guest at the hotel and experience creativity at its best and don’t forget to create your own ice sculpture.