Imported machinery for use in Polavaram works arrives

Imported machinery for use in Polavaram works arrives |Infra Bazaar

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Polavaram is a multi-purpose irrigation project and is one of the biggest irrigation projects in the world. The government is building the much-awaited project located on river Godavari near Ramayyapet village of Polavaram Mandal of West Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. The project has been on cards for almost 75 years and is a dream for the 5 crore people of Andhra Pradesh. The project will be a one-stop solution for all the water needs of the state. The main obstacle to the construction of the Polavaram project over the years is construction over Godavari River.

The project reservoir has live storage 75.2 TMCs at canal’s full supply level of 41.15 meters (135 ft) MSL and gross storage of 194 TMCs thereby enabling irrigation of 23,20,000 acres (including stabilization of existing irrigated lands). Polavaram will benefit all the 13 districts of A.P, directly and indirectly.

Today, things are moving at a faster pace a result of deployment Heavy Machinery at the project site. They are being used in the construction of Diaphragm wall; the machinery is imported from Germany and USA and was transported from Chennai Port in big containers to project area. The machinery includes Grabbers, MC128 Grade Trench Cutter etc. A total of 36 trucks were used to transfer these machines from Chennai Port to Project Area. New mining excavators are also deployed that is worth Rs. 70 crore at the Polavaram project site along with new six dumpers that were bought at the cost of Rs. 20 crore. Transstroy India Limited is executing the project.

As building a diaphragm around the river is a daunting task, grabs and cutters are playing a major role in the construction in the same along with the stone and clay lifting machines which are being monitored by an overseas expert. It is almost impossible to reach the soil from 60 to 100 meters and remove the clay and stone and the machines are making it possible.  Both the KP-6 Jet Grouting Machines are working in tandem at the construction site to build a Coffer Dam.

Chief Minister Chandrababu is personally monitoring the construction of the Coffer Dam, which is very close to the sand and working at the bottom levels could be dangerous. The Polavaram project has a total of 36 lakh cubic meters of concrete available for all construction and 17 thousand cubic meters is available for construction per day. To work at a speed of 650 cubic meters of gravel per hour, govt. has brought heavy crusher from Finland. Four crushers are already producing 350 cubic meters per hour. Telescopic booms are being used to transport the concrete into the spray-way in the transit mixers from the blending plants. There is an aggregate cooling plant as normally concrete structures give rise to temperature.

Polavaram was a long-cherished dream of the farmers of the State considering the fact that it would complete the linking of the Godavari and the Krishna river systems, thereby offering a permanent solution to the drought and crop failure problems in the coastal and Rayalaseema regions as well. This can be termed as a good beginning that crops could be raised in over 10 lakh acres in Nellore district this season, thanks to better management of water resources.

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