Improving Construction Employment Trends - A Review and Implications

Improving Construction Employment Trends |Infra Bazaar

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The vital sphere of infrastructure is witnessing a massive shift in the process and mindset, and is expected to undergo a further change in the future. The construction industry is on the rise. The current trends point to improvement in the industry. The construction industry saw a spectacular growth of new jobs based on the impact across sectors including steel, cement, power, petroleum, aluminum, IT and ports, of the Indian economy and is poised for a strong performance.  


There are jobs coming from skilled and unskilled spheres in it and the focus is always on the quality of efforts put in.  The areas of residential construction and renovation are growing in a big way.  There are orders from centre, states, and local firms too. There is a strong focus on developmental targets of economy.


At present infrastructure remains a top priority for addressing developmental gaps as it is considered to have great potentials to lift an economy out of financial crisis, and set a path of growth. The government pumps money to generate demands for goods and services, by creating jobs through higher spending in physical and social infrastructure. It has taken concrete steps, to revive every sector, and has initiated several initiatives to improve the conditions.

In order to better the targets in the future years, there is an expected increase in overall construction spending. When there is an upswing in construction jobs, all the sections of the society can take advantage of it and have a better share of the pie.


There is always a need to upgrade the skills and there will always be a place for skilled workers in this sphere. They must be in a position to enjoy faster production to gain profitable jobs. The present pace and the anticipated future pace of upswing will need hiring of more workers of all categories. In order to provide efficient and valuable input there is a need to skill, guide and manage them.

This requires training the supervisors and recruitment of the best possible foremen to oversee the sites. It is good to start looking for new entry-level and experienced workers to fill the arising vacancies. With all these improvements one can be sure that the future is bright and busy for the construction industry.

The companies involved in the sector are raising billions by issuing of bonds to make highways and port projects so that more growth and jobs are realized. Today the construction companies need to upgrade their Project Management expertise and ensure that there is speedy and timely execution of projects.

The growth in jobs can be sustained as the fundamentals of the Indian growth story are sound, and there is a heavy demand for infrastructure and industrial activity. With the government support to the infrastructure sectors and enhanced credit flow, the situation is set to deliver fantastic results in the days to come.