India - Afghanistan Friendship Dam a Landmark Infra Project.

India – Afghanistan Friendship Dam a Landmark Infra Project |Infra Bazaar

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HERAT: Afghanistan planned to inundate 75,000 hectares of land and to create 42 MW of power. The Afghan-India Friendship Dam is a historic infra project embraced by India in this deliberately critical territory in Afghanistan. The Friendship Dam was built on River Harirud at Chist-e-Sharif in western Herat neighboring Iran, the cost of the dam is Rs. 1,700-crore and it has been executed perfectly and implemented by WAPCOS Ltd, a government of India undertaking under the Ministry of Water Resources and the River Development also working for Ganga Rejuvenation.

The development of the multipurpose project included more than 1,500 engineers from both India and Afghanistan working for quite a long while in troublesome conditions.

The Friendship Dam is located in 165 kilometers away from the east of Herat town, a town situated in Afghanistan. The project is connected with earthen road. Due to the security reasons, all Indians who were permitted to work for the friendship dam were supposed to reach the site once a month in a helicopter provided by the Government of Afghanistan.

A large portion of the hydro-mechanical equipment utilized for the development of the dam have been dispatched by India through Iran as the dam sits in the deliberately imperative Herat area, which lies on the old exchange routes of the Middle East, South and the Central Asia. The equipment and material for the dam were transported from India to Iran's Bander-e-Abbas port via ocean and after that along 1,200 kilometers by road way to Islam Kila border post between the two countries Iran and Afghanistan, from that point to the site 300 kilometers again by the roadway.

Cement, steel reinforcement, explosives and other required materials were transported in to Afghanistan from its neighboring nations. The project has been installed with a capacity of 42 MW with three power units of 14 MW each and has a gross capacity of 633 million cubic meters. It is wanted to give settled watering system to 35,000 hectares of land and an additional inundation facility up to 40,000 hectares. It has a height of 104.3 meter, a length of 540 meter and 450 meter wide at its base. There is a 70- meter profound drapery grouting - an obstruction to protect the foundation of the dam from seepage.

Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India and the Prime Minister of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani jointly attended the opening ceremony of India – Afghanistan Friendship Dam and had their speeches. Narendra Modi said that “India will never forget you or turn away, your friendship is our honor and your dreams are our duty.” On Saturday, after their speeches the two officials jointly started the Dam by pressing the button jointly, and that sent the water flood through turbines which will provide up to 42 MW power to the country’s most rapidly-growing industrial hub.

India has a vital organization with Afghanistan and is actualizing ventures worth $2 billion to revamp the nation's foundation.