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Infrastructure Equipment Finance requires a few institutions, which should have the capacity to constantly and consistently deliver innovative solutions in the infrastructure sphere and go for quality investment in infrastructure projects. It is the need of the most challenging times as the Infrastructure activity is seeing an uprise and the Government is serious about the policies and programs like never before.

When this will be in place the most critical problems in the country - financing and infrastructure will be challenged and met, in a dynamic and mature manner with positive outcomes.

The financers become the preferred partners in infrastructure progress and are considered to be a driving force for entrepreneurs. They empower customers through a variety of services and add value. Their influence is beneficial to the society as a whole and goes much beyond finance. The services in the infrastructure sector include:

1) Project Finance.

2) Advisory capacity.

3) Equipment Finance. 

This requires continuous innovation, maturity and developing of sustainable approaches.

It requires Companies, with a robust approach, which can meet the specifications of today.  They must be ready to face the economic slowdowns, and yet stand the test of time over the years. In fact, they are the catalyst for national transformation and usher economic growth in a big way. They have to play a large role in the infrastructure segment and have a dominating presence.

All successful companies realize the importance of technology, as it differentiates them from the winner and participants, and need to embrace it with all sincerity. They have to possess the ability to provide all possible infrastructure-related services and carve a niche of their own, in the infrastructure sphere in India.

The equipment financing is projected to see good growth because several road projects are getting awarded, and many irrigation projects and mining sites are picking up. 

When the companies adopt effective strategies, to overcome the infrastructure sector stress, and are in a position to work along with the clients, and are eager to find the solutions, they can see good growth. Owing to the strong growth, the repossessions and resale values improve, in a big way. The most important factor to be considered here is to know the problems in this sector and understand how they have to be addressed and have a committed customer base. They also need to work very closely with the clients and find out solutions for stressed assets.

There is an expectation in the railways, as there will be an increased demand for equipment, because of a huge outlay that has been envisaged by the government.

There is also a great scope in the Greenfield as well as brownfield opportunities, in the infrastructure space.

With all these developments we can conclude that the Infrastructure Equipment Finance has a bright future today, as well as in the days to come.