Infrastructure Industry - A world of opportunities

Infrastructure Industry - A world of opportunities |Infra Bazaar

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Infrastructure Industry is not bound only to construction of roads it also for encompasses roads, power and energy sector, railways, water supply, airways, telecommunications, oil and gas and so on. Anand Wadadekar clears some of the fallacy of thoughts about the Infrastructure Industry.

The word ‘Infrastructure’ brings you thoughts of roads and its construction which is a common mistake. The Infrastructure Industry is a very colossal industry as we already discussed above. Another wrong thought is that Infrastructure Industry doesn’t hire female employees and it requires employees who have completed their engineering only. There is ample number of opportunities in the Infrastructure Industry.

The Planning Commission of India and the Govt. of India have underlined the requirement of developing Infrastructure Industry across India, through some policies changes and initiatives. According to Govt. of India it would be certainly helpful in boosting the economy of India. The foremost projection of the Infrastructure Industry in the 12th five year plan (2013 - 2017) was approximately at US $ 1 trillion. This indicates that there is a huge employment and career development opportunity in this particular Industry.

The Infrastructure Industry needs specialized courses to improve Infrastructure Business knowhow and how to build a conducive environment around it. In the National Infrastructure Conference which was held in Mumbai, the major point of discussion was to inform the students that there is tremendous scope of employment in the Infrastructure Industry.

Infrastructure spending has been and will play a crucial role for the Govt. of India, which will provide huge scope for employment and also for investment. With huge wealth creation opportunity the sector has seen low attrition rate of just 8% - 9%. Students will get their dream job after stepping into Infrastructure Industry.