Know Your Material Lifts - Part 1

Know Your Material Lifts - Part 1 - Infra Bazaar

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Material handling process plays a big part in streamlining any construction project.

What appears to be a mammoth overhaul task can be simplified with the smart use of technology. In this piece, let us quickly go through some of the equipment that can make life easy when it comes to managing heavy duty goods and making working with heights workable, write experts at



When assessing equipment, you need to consider your building layout and the type of goods you need to handle. Here are our top picks of Lifting Equipment that can make material handling easier:



We all know that cranes are a staple in construction, especially for high-rise buildings. The structure is an assembly of parallel beams, a hoist rope, wire ropes or chains, and sheaves. The hoist aids in lifting and moving objects along the beam bridge.  Cranes can be used both to lift and drop materials. They come in two broad categories - static cranes and mobile cranes.

Cranes offer the best height and lifting capabilities. Before you plan on installing a crane system at your construction site, you need to understand how it will fit into your facility and how is the structure of your runway. Crane system stands to be a long-term, safe, and efficient solution. These costs between Rs 42,000 to Rs 100,0000, depending on the size, need & productivity.



Electric hoist takes power electrically to transfer goods. It makes heavy lifting tasks at construction sites easier due to its portable nature. Electric hoist is basically a winch that is designed to pull load horizontally. The hoist has a lifting medium which is either a chain or a wire rope which is packed around a drum and raised by a pulley. It is mounted and can carry loads upto of 500 kg. On an average, this tool that is a big help in transferring goods upto a distance of 10 meters can cost between Rs 6000 to Rs 20,000.



Scaffolding is yet another modern day solution for working with heights. They prove to be the safest equipment as the structure gives ample comfort to work hands-free. It comes in a modular design that’s easy to assemble and transfer. The large platform on the tower is sturdy to give you the right balance to work on a height without having any fear.

Scaffolding is very economically priced and broadly speaking, it comes in six types for varied usages.’s pick for the construction site is Boss Scaffolding. It is manufactured using state-of-the-art laser cutting and robotic welding technology and hence it is very sturdy and proficient in use. And if buying is a challenge, then renting or leasing are some more options that can be considered from platforms like et all.

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