Know Your Material Lifts - Part 2

Know Your Material Lifts - Part 2 - Infra Bazaar

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Constructing buildings is not a fly-by-night operation. You need a lot of planning to streamline your project for a successful venture. Today, there is more construction technology than ever before, with the aim of driving your production smoothly.


Choosing the right material handling equipment plays an important role in increasing productivity at the site and also ensuring workplace safety.

In this post, experts at explore a few more material handling equipment that enables free movement of goods. Assess your needs and equip your project with the right technology.



Tower ladders are vertical or inclined sets of rungs that are used in an application for a height of around 10 feet, extendable up to 50 ft with an additional section. Tilt-able ladders are opted for their number one efficiency in lowering and tilting function.

For construction sites, Aluminium Ladders and FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic) are the most preferred Ladder. While Aluminium ladders are preferred for their lightweight, FRP offers better durability and can withstand heavy use, corrosion and is electricity proof.

Another newest introduction in the industry is the Aero Ladder. This ladder comes with anti-skid wheels that allow an easy transfer. It has a large platform that makes a perfect one-man workstation standing platform. Additionally, it has optional handrails, a handy tool tray, and a winch that can aid in the extension of the height. For extra safety, the FRP Ladder also features a monkey lock.

It ranges between Rs 44,000 to Rs 2,00000



Lifting clamps are an assembly of ropes and hook attachments. They have a multitude of applications in lifting materials such as beams, fabrications, steel plates, and piles. Based on the application, you can use horizontal, vertical, pipe lifting, and beam clamp. The clamp uses its teeth to grip the object and lift it safely.

The selection of the correct lifting clam is of paramount importance for efficient, reliable, and secure operation.

It ranges between Rs 9,000 to Rs 30,000



Mostly overlooked, yet one of the foremost important equipment at a construction site is a safety harness. Injuries due to falls are common within a hazardous work situation. Therefore, construction site workers should equip themselves with safety gear to avoid any mishaps. The safety harness allows the worker to attach himself to a stationary object so that he stays firm while working at height. It is usually made up of rope, cable, and some locking hardware.

It ranges between Rs 900 to Rs 10,000

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