Know Your Sanitaryware Basics

Know Your Sanitaryware Basics - Infra Bazaar

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To make a perfect bathroom or kitchen we need details. Details from the texture of walls to plumbing fixtures. Everything is especially designed for creating a perfect room to meet the changing needs of the new generation and the next. This is where the necessity for sleek, shiny, elegant, and modern sanitary ware arrives. With little awareness and understanding of these things can be changed. Infra Bazaar touches upon various types of sanitary wares and some of the best brands of sanitary ware.

What are sanitary wares?
Some of the examples of sanitary ware products are
Taps or faucets
Pedestal bases
Bath tubs
Shower units
And also includes supplements like:
Soap holders or trays
Ash trays
Toilet paper holder
Towel rods

Toilet or Water Cabinet:
A plumbing fixture consisting of a bowl and flush seat and is used for excrement and urination.

One-Piece WC: One Piece WC is designed by combination of Bowl and Cistern. Doesn't need a separate flush tank.

Two-Piece WC: The Two-Piece WC is a design where Bowl and Cistern are cast differently and are coupled together using bolts.

European WC: In European WC, Bowl & Cistern are casted separately and then attached with a pipe.

Wall-Hung WC: A Wall-Hung WC is installed inside the wall with the help of bolts and screws with protruding bowls.

Electronic WC: Electronic WC works electronically and is equipped with functions like warm seats, remote control, adjustable water temperatures etc.

Squatting Pan:  Squatting Pan has several models and is fitted inside the ground. The most widely used design in Indian Homes.

Wash Basins:
Wash basins are bowls used to wash hands and face. Wash basins come in a wide range of different shapes, sizes and types such as Integrated Pedestal, Full Pedestal, Half Pedestals, Wall Hung, Corner, over counter, under counter wash basins etc.
These can be made using different materials like ceramics, acrylics, marbles, stainless steels etc.

Faucets or Valves:
A faucet is a plumbing device which regulates flow of water in pipes.They come in different types such as ball, disc, cartridge, compression washer, pull down, pull out, single handle, double handle, hands free, Bib Cock, Pillar Cock, Stop Cock, Spout, Diverter, Shower Mixer, Shower Head, Body Sprays, Hand Shower, Basin Mixer Faucets etc.

A bathtub is a structure which contains water for bathing. Bathtubs are usually installed as freestanding or with a shower. Generally comes in rectangular or curved shape and is also available in square shapes.These can be made using materials like fiberglass, Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester, Porcelain Enameled Steel, Enamel Coated Cast Iron, Acrylics, Thermoformed Acrylics.


Different Types Include:
Generic bathtubs
Standard Bathtubs
Clawfoot Bathtubs
Freestanding Bathtubs
Soaking Bathtubs
Hot tubs,whirlpool and air Bathtubs
Walk-in Bathtubs etc.


Some top sanitary ware brands in India include:

Kohler India

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