Let's Break the Shake: Earthquake - Resistant Construction

How to Build Earthquake Resistant Construction | Infra Bazaar

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Every year earthquake causes loss to property and human life which leaves deep scars for time indefinite and thus marks some of the prominent tragedies in human history. From ancient Rome to recent earthquake at Ecuador, earthquake is responsible for changing lives of people affected by it. When it comes to monetary losses, the recent Nepal earthquake saw a loss of whooping 513 million! With such adverse effects, it is time to consider the ways to reduce such losses.

As once a wise man said, “Prevention is the best cure”, it indeed is the best solution when it comes to handling natural disasters. Why let an earthquake leave us broken and shattered when we can let it go without affecting us. Right here, at this point comes the idea of using effective construction material for constructing earthquake proof buildings so that the building stands tall irrespective of the magnitude of the earthquake. With time, there has been intense improvement in construction material and equipment in terms of technology. These small steps will bring us to our ultimate goal to create an environment which is not affected by any natural disaster.

To get about this change, the starting point is to change the way the construction of the building is done. Using building material that can provide high tensile strength usually helps in withstanding these intense impacts. Construction Materials are now being re-engineered with Nano technology which provides better earthquake-resistant solutions. Better technology also gave birth to new Construction equipment with sensors that can predict the response in case an earthquake occurs.

With such changes, the world will for sure be a safer place and will help us focus on other major issues which are impacting environment and human life. This will ensure that each and every citizen is safe and working efficiently for a better future without worrying about natural calamities like an earthquake.