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Machines That Increase Productivity & Safety - Infra Bazaar

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Productivity is vital to any brand worth its buck. However, if the focus lies entirely in getting work done quickly, there could be detrimental effects on the people working onsite. How do you achieve the balance between productivity and safe, healthy worksites? brings for you some handy tools that make your site productive, while also making it a secure environment.

Grade control is machinery that provides real-time data about depth, slope, and similar when drilling. This brilliant piece of technology presents an accuracy boost and therefore increases productivity. Some projects involving grade control have reported an over 50% increase in their efficiency. Some recent grade control technologies don’t even require anybody to climb on top of the machine to remove the masts. It cuts down on manpower, reduces wasted resources, and even increases safety! Grade control machinery increases the accuracy and speed of the project without sacrificing any resources. 

Working without onboard scales can be a cardinal sin if you’re working with aggregate. If there is no way for trucks to know if they’ve picked up the right amount of material, they have to make multiple trips to bring back the right amount. With this, you could waste money, resources, time, or worse, all three. Onboard scales means the trucks bring the right amount of material the first time around. Plus, this prevents overloading, which is a safety bonus. Onboard scales are a brilliant investment to make. They increase efficiency, safety, and convenience. 

Compaction involves checking, rechecking, moving around onsite, and many more unnecessary steps. Thankfully, intelligent compaction systems give operators instant data and feedback on compaction. It reduces not only time but resources as well. Once the machine informs you that a particular area has fully compacted, move on to the next one, hassle-free. It cuts down on the manpower required and adds to safety by reducing the need to move around onsite. Intelligent compaction systems use measurement systems like Compaction Meter Value (CMV) to calculate data. They promote productivity and save you resources. 
Keeping machinery out of harm’s way is a stressful job. One wrong move could cause an excavator to contact traffic, power lines, cables, or buildings. Using a machine as big as this one takes the focus off the construction project. An easy and relieving fix would be to use electronic fencing. E-fencing keeps working machines from touching anything they’re not supposed to. It is a safety bonus, stress reliever, and handy tool all in one.

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