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Infrastructure in the UAE is considered to be the best in the world. To make it possible heavy capital inflow is a mandate. This is spearheaded by UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda, which has a vision to make UAE one of the best in the world in terms of quality and uniqueness in the infrastructure space. Under the guidance of the UAE's Green Growth Strategy, Dubai developers have started working on Mega Construction Projects and have set a target to finish them by 2021. The aim is to attract more than 25 million visitors to the country.

In April 2015, Dubai government had said the Expo 2020 mega projects plans will remain on target and all the major construction activities will be completed by October 2019 and post which the testing will be done for readiness across networks, technologies and systems.

These Mega construction projects will create around 277,000 new jobs and the total investment is expected to be about Dh25 Billion.

Top Ten Mega Construction Projects in Dubai

In Next 6-16 Years Dubai is planning for Mega Construction projects with worth of almost $240 billion.

1. Meraas Holding “Jumeriah Gardens project”, is one of world’s biggest in term of value is estimated about $89.5 billion and the project will complete in 2021.

2. Dubai Holding’s Dubai Land Developments “Dubailand” is valued at $61 billion; completion date is set around 2020.

3. Dubai World Center “Dubai World Center “is valued at $16.7billion, this is an ongoing project and the project will complete by 2030.

4. Limities “Downtown Jebel Ali” is valued at $14.692 billion, competition date is 2020.

5. Dubai Holding “Al Jadaf Area Development” is a culture Village (Arabian Bays) which is valued at $11.6bn and project will complete by 2016.

6. Dubai Holding “Business Bay” it is an ongoing project which is valued at $11.2 billion, the project is expected to be complete by in 2016.

7. Dubai Holding, Emaar and Meydan Sobha “Mohammed bin Rashid City” is valued at $11 billion and the project will completion in 2023.

8. Emar “Downtown Dubai” the project value is at $10.9 billion, and project is expected to complete by 2020.

9. Meydan “Meydan City “project   is cost of $7.3 billion, and the project is expected to complete by 2020.

10. Dubai Government “Expo 2020 Master Plan built up” which is cost of $7 billion, and the project is expected to complete by 2019.

Urban planning initiatives like Abu Dhabi’s Emirate-wide Vision 2030 and Dubai Urban Development Master Plan 2020 are the main reasons as how UAE will achieve its goal. Abu Dhabi continues to develop the infrastructure required for a sophisticated capital city and many new projects in Dubai are driven by World Expo in 2020 which was just concluded in April 2015.