Mining Equipment and Their Uses

Mining Equipment and Their Uses |Infra Bazaar

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The equipment varies depending upon whether the work is being done out above ground or below ground.  The mining equipment is risky and hence, trained personnel who understand the machines are needed. Each type of mining equipment comes with its own set of tasks.

Mining Equipment

Complex surface mining equipment is required as support in major mineral extraction process: they are Draglines, Shovels, Loaders, and Haul Trucks, the Mass Excavator

A Dragline Excavator

A Dragline Excavator is a large machine used to unearth dirt and other materials from construction sites and mining areas. It is a piece of heavy equipment. Draglines are two categories being standard, lifting cranes, and the heavy units which have to be assembled on-site. It uses a large bucket between two towers with a wire rope which can be manoeuvred and lowered to collect earth and other materials from the area. They have the capacity tomove 160 cubic yards of material in one scoop. The operators are experts who control dragline excavators at construction sites. They coordinate their activities with other construction workers on the site using hand and audio signals, to ensure safety and keep an efficient pace. They weigh 2000 metric tonnes and require routine cleaning and maintenance tasks. The larger types are put to effective use in strip-mining operations to move coal, and for tar-sand mining.

Underground mining equipment

There is Underground mining equipment also which can move material in such an environment. There are very specialized and have been developed specifically for the underground mining applications.


The purpose of drilling is to provide a blast-hole into which there is space to load explosives and detonate them to make the mining work easier.

Off-Road Dump/ Haul Trucks are used strictly off-road for mining jobs. They come in two forms being rigid frame and articulating frame. The load is discharged from the rear.


A shovel is of great help in digging and loading earth or fragmented rock and for extracting mineral material.

Electric Mining Shovel

An Electric Mining Shovel is a machine which is bucket-equipped and consists of a revolving deck with a power plant, tracks, a counterweight, and a front attachment. There is a digging phase followed by the swinging phase where the operator controls the dipper through a planned swing path and dump height. The correct dump height is maintained.

Hydraulic Mining Shovel is used for coal and rock loading and takes care of a lot of activities in mining.

Continuous Miner

It is a huge rotating steel drum equipped with tungsten carbide teeth that can scrape coal from the seam and mine five tons of coal a minute.


It is efficient diesel-operated equipment specially designed for cleaning runways and hauling supplies. Its Foot box maximizes legroom for operator comfort. The cabin has excellent visibility and is safety first. The design is meant for quick and easy truck loading and it assures superior operator comfort. the access is easy to all daily service points which ensure efficient, maintenance


Shotcrete has a spraying system which is developed for underground ground support applications. Shotcrete is concrete which can be impacted onto any surface or vertical or overhead areas.

With such equipment easily available there is great scope and future for the mining operations in the country to make a mark and create a buzz.


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