New v/s Pre-Owned Buses

New v/s Pre-Owned Buses - Infra Bazaar

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We all want that sparkling mint condition vehicle, but a few days into the purchase, you focus on the functionalities & services the vehicle provides, especially if it's for official or commercial purposes. This is exactly the reason why pre-owned vehicles are the go-to option especially when it comes to large-capacity carriers like buses! Infra Bazaar reviews some of the reasons for increased interest in preowned buses!


Corporate companies, construction sites or any other company that has a large number of employees or has sites that are farther from the city or are located in remote areas, usually seek out buses. They intend to either provide drops till the closest accessible spot from the site of work or arrange for home picks & home drops, well, almost! 


Many MNCs add buses to their transport fleets because it is cost-effective as they can accommodate 2 to 3 times more than regular 4-wheelers, whilst showering love on Mother Earth as it means less carbon monoxide emissions thus leading to reduced air pollution. Many companies also choose this ride as it makes the employees' commute less exhausting.


What is better than buying a pre-owned bus as it gives you the best of both worlds, cost-effective with almost the same functionality as a new one? Here are some things one must look for:


Condition: Look for damages, if any, can be rust or leaks. Don’t miss to get the condition of the engine checked, apart from a quick look at the tires and audio equipment, since film watching is an integral part of long travels by buses. And hey, you could always request a test drive.


Legislation: Get your certifications and permissions in place, like Central Motor Registry (CMR), Road Worthiness Certificate, All India Permit if the vehicle is set to travel across the country and so on. With pre-owned vehicles, it's easier, as all one needs to do is transfer the certifications and permissions. 


Warranty: Warranties are very advantageous, ensure you have it transferred at the time of purchase.


Engines: Lookout for the type and think about its weight and fuel efficiency. Its best to have a professional asses its state or reach out to providers like for a professional to help analyze the condition of the bus for you.

Economical: Used buses are significantly cheaper than new ones. More often than not, you can buy two used ones at the price of a new bus.


Customizing: Redesigning preowned buses can give you the look and feel of a new bus at probably 30% to 40% lesser than a new one.  

Duration: Used buses denigrate less and can last longer. Second-hand buses can assure you about their lifespan if they've been maintained properly. 


Fast delivery:  Buying new buses can have you waiting for 9-12 months, while second-hand buses’ orders can be cleared and clarified almost immediately.

Important Note:
Before buying a used bus calculate the amount you will spend on the purchase and repairs, if any and compare them with the new bus models.