Professional Construction Project Management Team - A Must Have!

Professional Construction Project Management Team - A Must Have! - Infra Bazaar

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Professional Construction Project Management is considered to be a super fine-tuned system designed to facilitate planning, coordination and control of a project from right from the first stages all the way until project closeout and completion. Qualified construction managers use specialised project management techniques to orchestrate a project’s schedule, costs and quality, say experts at


Imagine that you’re underwriting a concert. You've got an orchestra and a conductor in mind, a dream program, you recognise who you would like to ask , and you expect flawless execution. However, have you ever stopped to consider all the details? Choice of venue, dates, flying your favourite star from say, Russia! Followed by the need for personnel, permits, paperwork, rehearsals, unions, sound engineers, media, concert program printing, lighting, the tuner , ushers, caterers, etc?

Maybe not, in terms of putting together a dream concert, someone has got to manage all that. Similarly, within the world of building a posh construction project, of overseeing the larger picture and fine-tuning the small print, orchestrating everything is precisely what your construction management team does for you.


The members of your team provide managerial expertise. Once a transparent vision of your project has been elaborated, they control budgets, initiate cost-saving ideas, mitigate risk and make sure the flow of communication. Their role is to represent the owner’s best interests, and that they do this by ensuring that the project progresses as smoothly as possible consistent with objectives in terms of your time and resources. And they’re ready to accomplish that because they have the skills to manage a construction project step by step—it’s what they are doing .


When trying to urge a bead on the advantages of economic or residential construction management, know that professional construction managers provide services that differ from general contractors’. For starters, they typically don't perform any aspect of the development themselves, but they are overseeing every detail of the whole project—from the initial idea of creating that sublime music work all the way up to vacuuming the aisles, turning off the lights and locking up doors & everything else afterwards. Similarly, the development/construction project manager will support your project from the preconstruction phase to all way upto the construction waste management and beyond.


What an efficient construction manager does is apply their strong leadership skills and depth of experience to a good spectrum of projects and construction methods. They take it upon themselves to stay updated about the newest technologies and construction management softwares, as they are committed to increasing efficiency, reducing timelines and reducing costs. They coordinate all of the various project team members, right from the mason, to the driller to the excavator operator, the list is endless! The point is, they take care of the micro & macro management, and since they are one point contact, in spite of the added cost, they end up saving costs in the long run, by not only mitigating risks but also ensuring reduced costs in wear and tear.


There are many requirements for successful construction management teams, and these are often regrouped under three main categories:


Scope of Work


COST includes the apparent, but it also covers elements, simply put, the layperson might not see coming. They are also good at risk assessment and have the ability to factor in unpredictable circumstances.

SCOPE OF WORK, is one of the major elements to be considered for a  construction project management project. What it means specifically, in this context is: what exactly does the owner want and is it aligned with the architect’s design intent, and what would be the way forward to accomplish it? To make all this happen, the services that every team member provides has to be very clear, and must have everything covered. It's important to ensure that there are no duplications. Going back to the concert analogy, it's like, who is booking the performing artist's hotel room? Who’s ensuring that each one of the permits are in order? Who’s serving the champagne? If exact roles aren’t designated from the get-go, you'll expect delays and additional costs. An honest construction program team will work with the simplest construction management software to ensure that each detail of your project is accounted for before actual construction begins. Finally, schedule may be a straightforward concept that also requires risk calculations and back up arrangements (read Plan Bs). Life is unpredictable—juggling your/the owner’s evolving ideas, new regulations, the natural disasters and every one the remainder is best left to the experts. Trust your construction manager to urge things to be done also, as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible, so you'll relax and be able to luxuriate whenever possible.

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