Role of an Excavator for Construction

Role of an Excavator for Construction - Infra Bazaar

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What is an Excavator?

An Excavator is a heavy construction equipment that is used for a variety of purposes. It is also called diggers. Excavators are basically made of three parts: The boom, the dipper and the bucket. All these components are connected to a cab that rotates (sometimes even up to 360 degrees).

Excavators are versatile. They are available in different sizes and come with either tracks or wheels based on the kind of project and manufacturer. The attachments can be replaced depending on the nature of the project and thus, these essential equipment are used for multitude construction projects.

Choosing the right excavator for your construction job requires planning. There are so many available excavators that come with varying sizes and attachments. But nonetheless, the right excavator is used to effectively and efficiently complete jobs at a quicker pace.

Role of an Excavator

Excavators are generally used for earth-moving projects like mining, landscaping, demolition, construction projects, river dredging and also for lifting and handling materials. Depending on your requirements and size required, excavators can be chosen. The range of sizes in excavators makes this equipment suitable from big infrastructure projects to even small-scale renovations.

Cable vs. Hydraulic Excavators

The general classification of excavators is: Cable and Hydraulic Excavator. The difference among them being, how the main parts of the machine move.

While the Cable excavator implements a series of wires to move, the hydraulic employs lever systems for the driver to control push and pull movements. The hydraulic excavator consists of hydraulic fluid that is controlled to move the cylinders responsible for the movement of the main components of the excavator.

The 6 Major Types of Excavator

There are 6 main kinds of excavator available and used for construction purposes. They are namely:

1.  Crawler Excavators: They are common and typically used for mining, digging and landscape grading.

2.  Dragline Excavators: They are used for road excavations and underwater projects and employ a rope and dragline system.

3.  Suction Excavators: They use water jets and a high-pressure vacuum to remove and clear any dirt, debris in any underground or delicate excavations.  

4.  Skid Steer Excavators: It basically scoops away. These are small and typically used for small and residential projects.

5.  Long Reach Excavators: These are used for heavy-duty projects. As the name suggests the arms can reach great lengths for digging purposes.

6.  Mini-excavator: They are the smaller version of the crawler excavators used for small job sites with lots of obstacles and small-scale projects.

Excavators are manufactured and can be rented as well. Based on the scale of the construction project, an excavator must be carefully chosen. These are essential construction equipment that is a must for most construction projects, as they are easy to use and are gets work done faster.

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